Hyatt caves to the deranged mob with the most IMPERFECT responses


After praise went out to the Hyatt Hotels for hosting this year’s CPAC convention and standing by it out of inclusivity and tolerance, they caved. Worse than that, they caved for an insane conspiracy theory and they lied.

Their first statement would have been better if they told the cancel culture they were crazy but for the left-wing management of the Hyatt, the statement was a perfect as it could get.

That made the mob even angrier. The threats of boycotts and other Stalinist bullying tactics trended on Twitter.

Hyatt then released a second statement claiming concerns about the stage design (part of the conspiracy theory) and disclaiming all responsibility for it:

We take the concern raised about the prospect of symbols of hate being included in the stage design at CPAC 2021 very seriously as all such symbols are abhorrent and unequivocally counter to our values as a company. The CPAC 2021 event is hosted and managed by the American Conservative Union that manages all aspects of event logistics, including the stage design and aesthetics. We discussed directly with ACU leadership who told us that any resemblance to a symbol of hate is unintentional. We will continue to stay in dialogue with event organizers regarding our deep concerns. Any further questions can be directed to CPAC.

The evil conspiracy theorists claim the stage design looked like a Nazi symbol. That’s absurd, but, nonetheless, the company that designed it took full responsibility and CPAC also caved and said they won’t use the company again since it has become an unwelcome distraction.

While Hyatt tried to divert the cancel culture to CPAC, the false allegations of complicity in promoting Nazi iconography kept coming.

Hyatt then came up with a third statement to satisfy the mob. Basically, they said if they had realized the hateful connotations of the stage design, they would have stepped in. In other words — see, we’re good and CPAC is evil.

The third statement:

In keeping with our deep culture of inclusivity, our colleagues worked tirelessly to support this event while enforcing Hyatt’s safety policies. At times, these efforts included reminding attendees to wear masks and socially distance, even while colleagues occasionally faced hostility from attendees who did not support our policies. While individuals are entitled to their opinions, in a Hyatt hotel we expect guests to follow our policies. Further, we were extremely disappointed by the disrespect many individuals involved in the event showed to our colleagues, as it is reflective neither of our own commitment to care for members of the Hyatt family nor of how we wish to conduct business. We are tremendously grateful to our colleagues for their resilience and the care they demonstrated keeping people safe in circumstances that became increasingly difficult as the event evolved.

It goes on:

When we learned that CPAC 2021 stage design had been compared to a symbol of hate, we promptly raised this concern with meeting organizers who strongly denied any connection to such symbols. Had we initially recognized the potential connections to hate symbolism, we would have proactively addressed it prior to commencement of the event. Unfortunately, this became clear to us only after the event kicked off. With CPAC’s denial of any intentional connection to hate symbols and our concerns over the safety of guests and colleagues in what could have been a disruptive situation, we allowed the event to continue. We understand and respect the opinions of those who might disagree with that decision.

This is the innocent design and you have to be sick to see Nazi symbols in this:

The Hyatt refused to give its customer, the American Conservative Union, any support or any benefit of the doubt.


The ACU’s general counsel responded to the two statements in a letter, refusing to let them scapegoat CPAC in order to placate lefty critics. Tell the truth, wrote lawyer David Safavian: You helped us build the stage.

The Letter

Mr. Thomas J. Pritzker
Executive Chairman
Hyatt Hotels 71
South Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Dear Mr. Pritzker:

Contrary to Hyatt’s own mission statement of inclusivity, your company just attacked its own customer by caving into the pressures of the politically motivated social media agitators who seek to destroy CPAC, our attendees and speakers from across the country, and the millions of Americans who support our work. Hyatt made a decision to issue additional statements late last night after the conference ended that disparaged and defamed us. These statements appear to validate demonstrably false and malicious claims.

When we learned of the orchestrated assault on us, we immediately contacted your senior management to set the record straight. Together, we quickly responded to these slanderous accusations. Your hotel’s senior management was on notice and acknowledged that these claims were false and agreed to share any statement before its release. We agreed that coordination was critical so that the general public would know the truth and that you would treat your customer with honesty. Thus, we were shocked that the Hyatt waited until after the conference concluded to issue additional statements–ones that are irresponsible, untrue, and contribute to a climate of division and hatred.

Hyatt was fully involved the entire time!

For months we have collaborated with your team on logistics, including sharing, reviewing, and approving the stage design that was created by one of our subcontractors. The fact that no one on the Hyatt staff ever raised concerns during the process shows the ridiculous nature of your statements. Moreover, your statements falsely conceal your oversight role. In fact, the Hyatt Hotel, with our organization and subcontractors, approved and worked collaboratively to build this stage. Only after a coordinated far-left assault to destroy our conference arose did you succumb to lies and compound them with your own.

During this difficult time for our nation, we believe in Americans getting back to work and helping companies like yours to flourish. Indeed, you recruited us. We sought to work with you in good faith to help Hyatt workers and the Florida economy. In fact, countless employees expressed their immense gratitude for bringing CPAC to the Hyatt in Orlando, many stating that this very conference was the sole reason they had a job.

Our Jewish Board Members, staff, speakers, and attendees are appalled by the Hyatt leadership for not standing with us as we fight against antisemitism (a term that Hyatt fails to use in its statements). We would have hoped that our 10th annual Shabbat Dinner, daily Jewish prayer services, and speeches on the main stage from Jewish leaders, such as Ambassador David Friedman, Former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, and Rabbi Yitz Tendler would be enough to put an end to these outrageous falsehoods.

The theme of CPAC 2021 was “America UnCanceled.” It is tragic and reckless that Hyatt would choose to abandon its own mission statement of inclusivity and play into the hands of those who are attempting to silence legitimate political views.


David H. Safavian
General Counsel

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