Can’t keep the ammo on the shelves, never seen anything like it


Gun and ammo sales are soaring under this administration. Shortages are reported by hunters, law enforcement, and other gun users.

Manufacturers say they are producing as much as they can but in many gun stores shelves are sparse and prices are concurrently rising.

“We have had a number of firearms instructors cancel their registration to our courses because their agency was short on ammo or they were unable to find ammo to purchase,” Jason Wuestenberg, executive director of the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, told the Associated Press.

From Newsweek:

The spike in gun purchases has driven shortages of ammo across the country, according to the Associated Press.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation told the AP that it estimates that 20 million guns were sold in the U.S. Of those, it believes 8 million sales were made by first-time firearms purchasers.

“When you talk about all these people buying guns, it really has an impact on people buying ammunition,” the organization’s spokesperson, Mark Oliva, said.

“If you look at 8.4 million gun buyers and they all want to buy one box with 50 rounds, that’s going to be 420 million rounds,” he added.

Daily Mail reports that we’re running out of ammo. Law enforcement agencies, gun owners, hunters all face a shortage of ammunition.
They’re blaming the pandemic but the rise in violent crime is probably a bigger incentive. Just having a fake president should be enough. Police in Las Vegas and Washington State reported a shortage of bullets.



  1. Parted with too much during the Sobama is going to shutter all smelters scare back in the 2013AO (After Obama) era.
    A buddy made a fortune by buying out the back door from a CCP-Mart comrade and reselling at markup.
    As the great Tex Arcane said, inept feckless governments create shortages of essential items and a glut of useless items.
    Several gun shops along the local U.S. highway and it is back in adequate supply but the prices are trending up.
    Gas is now $3.25 and there are shortages of everything at the Pik N’ Pak with some aisles almost picked clean.

  2. Our last line of defense is growing rapidly. The ChiCom’s agents masquerading as Demorats can steal elections but Patriots can overwhelm them in a few days. The war when it finally beaks out will be swift and sweet.

  3. People are preparing for another big steal by the Democrat Marxists. The last time it was an election this time it will be our freedom.

    • Are people really prepared?
      The message is loud and clear from the marxists: we will cheat right in front of your faces and there is nothing you can do about it.
      And they are right.


  4. What is that? 300+ million guns out there plus hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo? I also found that no-one has 80% lowers or any lower half parts. How many ‘ghost guns’ are out there? Of course, not everyone buying a gun is a Conservative but I’d place the ratio at 80/20.

  5. With 400,000,000 guns and probably over 400,000,000,000 rounds of ammunition mostly in the hands of Patriots, do the Communist Democrats really believe they can win short of using Nuclear Weapons or Biological Warfare?

  6. Get ready people. B/C when they start jailing anti vaxers, it’s going to get ugly. When cops come and try to drag granny or arrest young parents leaving the kids at the hands of strangers ( pedos)
    It’s going to be a tornado, hurricane all rolled into one MFer shit storm.

    • Why should people with the real immunity, natural immunity, be labelled an anti-vaxxer? The science is telling us that Lab Rat immunity isn’t really lasting very long. Why is the Government not testing for Natural Immunity or recognizing it? Historically, Natural Immunity has been better. Is this just a play to get Americans dependent on Lab Rat vaccination as a population control device? It sure seems like it.

  7. National Shooting Sports Foundation or the NRA should prepare a nice plaque for Beijing Joe and present it on national television (next Super Bowl halftime?) for the “Gun Salesman of the Decade.”

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