FL hospital worker says they were told there’d be a COV crisis next week


A hospital worker in Broward County, Florida said she was told by the nurse manager to prepare for a COV crisis in the hospital next week. It’s unclear what she’s saying exactly but if someone knows this and it happens, it points to a manufactured crisis.

At the same time, Florida and Texas are seeing a surge in COV cases. Florida has a 50% increase in one week. It has to be because of all the illegal aliens piling into the state.

This is what she said:

If there is a crisis in Texas and Florida, it’s because of the illegals pouring into the two states. It’s looking very deliberate to make the governors look bad while setting the states up to turn blue.

We could be wrong, but that’s what it might be the case. We’re just trying to be the canary in the coalmine.

Look at your replacements folks:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It’s been lies from the start, including the statistics. There is no test. The inventor said it does not work for this.

1 year ago

Exactly what I’ve been saying, the cases could be rising because large numbers of illegals are being brought to Florida and Texas. If lockdowns are around the corner for us, hopefully people will not comply. Australia is using the military to make sure people don’t leave their homes. Rumor has it, they’re inoculating the unvaxxed in Sidney. Since real news is censored, we don’t know for sure what’s going on over there. Berlin police pepper spray the anti vaxxer movement. Looks like thing’s are escalating rapidly. Praying for an end to this madness!

1 year ago

Went to Pik N’ Pak out in the country because the local one was picked clean and the first mandatory mask sign was spotted, no one had an obedience muzzle on.
Either people wake up and bust up this LARP or go quietly to the camps.
Regarding my niece from the other day and lab variant diagnosis, she thinks it is punishment for not being vaxxed and will look for new employment during the ten day quarantine as there will be no assistance from replacement über alles gov.

O/T-saw a page earlier saying Rockstar is Satanic due to the star but it is not inverted, the Pentagram is inverted with two points up so the Baphomet face can fit in.
Remember, the inversion of everything in a grotesque mockery is the goal of Satanic Marxists.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

Let’s hope Florida and Texas puts in place some kind of tracking on these criminals to find them when sanity returns to our government and we can throw the bums out.