“Capitalist” Elizabeth Warren Sees Up to 90% Tax Rate in Our Future


Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested that a 50% to 90% personal income tax rate for Americans is a possibility. Warren made her comments in an interview with CNBC.

Warren also promised that Democrats would end President Trump’s tax cuts if they take control of Congress in November 2018.

She met in a pub-style restaurant to continue her phony routine of being one of us. It was labeled a “speakeasy” interview.

CNBC’s anti-Trump/Obama-loving host, John Harwood, asked Warren: “If Democrats take the Congress…would you like to see these corporate tax cuts repealed?”

Senator Warren replied: “Yeah, I really want to see them rolled back.”

Question: “Back to 35%?”

Warren replied: “Well, it’s not about the number. Here’s how I look at budgets, and taxes are at the heart of this. A lot of people think they’re just numbers; they’re not. They are the expression of our values. The values of the Republican Party that passed those tax cuts are to give $1.5 trillion away to the richest Americans and the biggest corporations, and let everybody else pick up the crumbs.”

After some back-and-forth, Warren suggested that she does not think a 50% personal income tax rate is too high. “There was a time in a very prosperous America…where the top marginal rate was well above 50 percent,” she said.

Harwood said it was 90%.

Warren replied: “That’s exactly right. But for me, the heart of the question you’ve got to ask is, ‘What constitutes a fair share in this economy?’ It depends in part on what the economy is.”

Harwood asked: “It doesn’t strike you as, ‘obviously 90%, that’s ridiculous’?

Warren quipped: “90 percent sounds pretty shockingly high. But what I’m trying to get at is this is not about negotiating over specific numbers. It’s not about negotiating before you go into the negotiations.”

She had the audacity to call herself a “Capitalist” worried about the debt. What a joke.



  1. Yes the maximum income tax rate was 90% but there were a whole slew of deductions that made it mostly affordable. But these two communists forgot to mention that JFK pushed to get them rolled back to 75% maximum, keeping the deductions and the economy soared. They claim only the richest paid those rates but I remember getting raises in the 70s under Jimmy Carter’s inflation and my paycheck went down because I went into a higher bracket. I guess I was pretty rich because I got hit. Then Reagan pushed for a massive tax cut in the 81 budget, the economy skyrocketed and I really found out I was rich because Democrats told us it only helped the rich so as a rich guy I got an extra $20 in my bi weekly pay. Back then $20 meant something and really helped. And of course these two communists also fail to mention after both the these tax cuts and the tax cuts Bush pushed for in 2001 the revenue to the treasury went up as well because the economy is what propels taxes and not individual income taxes. It’s been said before and it’s true; Income taxes are a means to control the population and I will add as a means to pit one group of Americans against another with lies. One lie is tax cuts add to the deficit. No they don’t. Americans keeping their own money does not create the deficit, overspending by politicians is the only reason for deficits.

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