Capitol police killer was a Farrakhan devotee


Noah Green, a Muslim follower of radical hater Louis Farrakhan, rammed two police officers with his car on Good Friday.

When he got out of his car, an officer engaged him and Green knifed at least one of the officers. One or both officers shot Green and he died at the scene.

One of the officers, William Evans, died of his wounds in the hospital. The other officer is seriously injured according to the latest reports.

Green recently received an award from the Nation of Islam:

For some reason, the corrupt left-wing media is keeping the personal information about Green a secret.

Chief Robert Contee of Washington Metropolitan Police said in the afternoon press conference that the homicide unit is taking over the investigation in connection with the “shooting death that occurred as well as the officer’s death.”

He said there was not an “ongoing threat.”

Contee said it doesn’t appear to be terrorism-related but police will continue to investigate. MSNBC reported that police don’t believe Green was tied to a larger plot, at least preliminarily.

It took them no time at all to come to that decision. Isn’t that amazing?

This will die out of the news just like the Orange County, California Muslim who murdered four people, and the Boulder, Colorado Muslim who murdered several people. We don’t care at all that these men were Muslims unless they are terrorists, but the media likes to demonize Christians so it bears mentioning. He was not a Christian, nor were the last two shooters.

The officer who was murdered is William ‘Billy’ Evans, a popular 18-year veteran of the force.

William ‘Billy’ Evans

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