Caravan Marchers Get Legal Advice on ‘Asylum Rights’ and Welfare Benefits


The caravan continues to move towards the United States, only in smaller groups. The ever-helpful Mexican officials have given them another 30-day pass to meet with lawyers and to give them time to concoct a plan to get into the United States illegally. And get this, they will be instructed on their rights for illegal entry, which is being falsely characterized as “asylum”.

Mexico is not our friend. They are happy to let cartels, drugs, and traffickers flood across our borders. One must wonder how much of their fiscal health depends on the drug trade and illegals sending money back home.

Many of the caravan marchers are young men and teens who could be MS-13 or members of some other gang for all we know. No one will be screening them.

How to Get into the US illegally and Exploit the United States Benefits

Some of the caravan members are in Puebla, Mexico with embedded BuzzFeed reporter Adolfo Flores who says migrants are getting legal counsel on their ‘asylum rights in the U.S. and Mexico.’

What rights?

Advice from lawyers and counselors includes information on using our benefits.

Adolfo Flores tweeted: “Today the migrants are being explained their asylum rights in the US and Mexico. As well as how the detention system works in the US. These guys here are waiting for their individual meetings with attorneys on their potential cases.”

Our administration is trying to put an end to this exploitation.

President Trump has signed a memorandum to end the illegal immigration policy of ‘catch and release’. He also ordered the National Guard to the border.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions mandated a “zero-tolerance policy” for all unlawful immigrants entering across our southern border.

If you want to know how crazy it’s getting, listen to these clips from open borders leftist Kevin de Leon who hopes to become senator of California. Half his family is here illegally and apparently obtained fraudulent IDs. He thinks we need to protect illegal immigrants so they feel safe reporting other illegal immigrants who are committing crimes. Just listen.

The UN is helping them and telling them it is their human right to come into our country illegally.

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