Caravaners Begin to Arrive & Make a Beeline for the Beach


The first wave of caravaners arrived in Tijuana. About 400 migrants, mostly from Central America, rolled into the border city on nine buses. Some hung out of bus windows and cheered, some held Honduran flags from windows.

A number of them made a beeline for the beach and climbed atop the fence which separates Mexico from the United States. It’s a message — they’re baiting Americans.

Thousands more will be coming in the ensuing days.

The caravan is about 95 percent men who want jobs and benefits to send home to Honduras or whatever country they are coming from. There are criminals, perhaps terrorists are mixed in. [Check out the link below with the video of a journalist who embedded with the caravaners]

They are not refugees, they are illegal aliens. Nothing new has taken place in these Central American countries except the U.N. and leftist groups organized them and funded them to make the trek to the USA.

You should know that their numbers are dwarfed by the numbers that come in each month.


A “caravan”-sized number of people cross into the U.S. illegally every single day, TheDCNF reported.

In October, the Border Patrol arrested 23,121 migrant family members, the highest one-month total ever recorded. It was a 39 percent jump over the 16,658 such migrants arrested in September, which was also a record for a single month.

When the family unit arrests are added to other categories — single adults and unaccompanied minors — the total number of people caught trying to cross the southwest border illegally in October was about 51,000, or 1,700 per day.

That means the number of migrants arrested along the southwest border in an average week — 11,900 — is about three times as many people traveling in the highly publicized caravan. Put differently, the equivalent of about 13 caravans is caught after crossing the border illegally every month.

About 50,000 cross the border every month.

The changing demographics are ruining the country. They are changing our way of life, our values, our politics. Thank a politician!


Journalist Embeds with Caravans & Exposes the Shocking Truth


  1. The ADS is fine and dandy, I still think there should be a minefield on our side of that border, guarded with tanks and troops, with the order to shoot the moment they cross the border, climb that fence, whatever.

  2. Trump needs to declare war. Not on any country, but on foreign terrorists (just like little Bush declared a war on terrorism). Then they need to start gunning down those who cross the border.

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