Cardiff Philharmonic Cancels Offensive Russian Composer Dead 127 Years


The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra in Wales canceled a performance because the compositions of Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky were in the program, The Guardian reports.

Tchaikovsky died in 1893.

Two of his pieces deal with Russian military victories.

The 1812 Overture celebrates Russia’s defeat of Napoleon’s invading army, and Marche Slave commemorates Russia’s involvement in the Serbian-Ottoman War.

The orchestra’s director said they “were also made aware at the time that the title ‘Little Russian’ of Symphony No. 2 was deemed offensive to Ukrainians.”

A statement on the venue’s website said: “In light of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra, with the agreement of St David’s Hall, feel the previously advertised programme including the 1812 Overture to be inappropriate at this time. The orchestra hope you will continue to support them and enjoy the revised programme.”

What is wrong with these virtue signaling people? There’s not enough mockery in the world to cover this.

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