Care About the Proxy War, Trump Can Handle the Left


Leo Hohmann said in his recent blog post that this proxy war in Ukraine has everything to do with regime change and little to do with freedom. And Russians care a lot more than we do. They see this as an existential threat.

Russians care a lot more about this war on their border than Americans do about a country nearly 6,000 miles away.

Ukraine is hardly waving the freedom banner as the administration under Volodymyr Zelensky puts all dissenting voices in the gulag, including priests, lawyers, reporters, and opposing political parties. The Zelensky regime tried to destroy the Russian heritage of so many Ukrainians — from their language to their customs to their churches.

[Ukrainians didn’t vote for this. They voted for Zelensky because he said he would seek peace with Russia.]

Hohmann said he found common ground with a [left-wing] University of Chicago Professor, John Mearsheimer. While some will try to convince you it’s unpatriotic to see his point, others with knowledge of the history might agree with Professor Mearsheimer.

The Professor says that Russia will win because they care. They see Ukraine in NATO as an existential threat, while Americans really don’t care about Ukraine. The Left tried to make us care with their Ukrainian flag pins and constant propaganda, but Americans don’t want to fight and die for Ukraine. Russians are willing to die for the cause.

Watch and see what you think:

Hohmann also warns that we should not be distracted by Donald Trump’s predicament. DJT can handle it and was made for this.

Hohmann writes:

Instead of being drawn into this distraction, I am laser focused on what matters: Preparing for the collapsing U.S. banking system, the collapsing U.S. dollar, the continued march toward World War III, and the coming persecution of all those who refuse to join the globalists’ technetronic beast system built on digital currency and digital IDs.

I would add the invasion on the border. The Democrat army is pouring into our country illegally. It’s About the Global World Order.

[The new world order looks eerily similar to a feudal system of Lords and a hard-working, poorly-paid subservient populace.]

It’s hard to believe that people could want this, but it’s not unbelievable when one considers the people in charge tell themselves they are superior, and you consider the only ones who can create a better world.]

We are useless people to them. The World Economic Forum philosopher spelled it out:

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