AFL Docs Show Joe and Hunter Biden Had Inseparable Business Dealings


America First Legal (AFL) released the second production of records obtained through its lawsuit against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) from Joe Biden’s time as Vice President.

This second set of documents confirms there was effectively no daylight between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business dealings. They only dealt with their highly-trusted associates.

The latest evidence from AFL is clear and one can see why DAs in Manhattan and Georgia have to respond with bogus criminal charges against Donald Trump. The distraction will take off all the heat from the hard-left president.

1. Then-Vice President Biden personally signed off on the statement given in response to reporters about whether Hunter’s appointment to Burisma undermines the Vice President’s credibility in pushing anti-corruption measures in the country;

Then Vice President Biden claimed he had no involvement in Hunter’s appointment yet he personally signed off on the official statement that Hunter’s position on the Board would not undermine the Vice President’s credibility.

2. The Office of the Vice President connected reporters writing about Hunter’s appointment to Burisma to Amos Hochstein, a trusted Biden advisor who was then the “point person” for International Energy Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, to provide a “unique and valuable perspective” on the relationships in Ukraine;

3. The Office of the Vice President coordinated closely with Rosemont Seneca Advisors in response to press inquiries, including inquiries regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged Ashley Madison Account; 

The Office of the Vice President worked hand in glove with Rosemont Seneca in response to press inquiries, including the story about Hunter Biden’s Ashley Madison account.

[Congenital liar Joe claimed someone else must have set up the account.]

4. U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Marie L. Yovanovitch, reported–to the Department of State’s Victoria Nuland, Anna Makanju in Vice President Biden’s Office, and the National Security Counsel’s Eric Ciaramella (famously the “whistleblower” in the first impeachment proceeding against former President Trump)–that “[t]his time there are accusations that Burisma allegedly had a subsidiary dump natural gas as a way to pay bribes” and “[m]entions that Hunter Biden and former Polish President Kwasniewski are on the Burisma board.”

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