They are taking down the border wall along drug routes


A popular drug trafficking route was blocked by former President Trump’s wall but now that Biden’s in charge, the criminals were able to cut massive holes in it. The wall will stay like that since Biden has no interest in repairing or replacing walls. He has completely opened up our borders.

To be clear, it’s not simply the southern border that is wide open. ICE has been handcuffed by the administration and anyone coming in illegally from any border or airport gets to stay. Every state is a border state.

The changing demographics will guarantee Democrat control of the presidency in perpetuity.

As an aside, about 30% of the illegal aliens refuse to be vaccinated and while Americans are being forced to get the jab, the White House admits illegal aliens do not have to get the shot.

The administration is ostensibly forcing vaccinations on Americans for their health, yet, they do nothing about the uncontrolled importation of drugs that are killing more and more Americans. Watch the arrogant press secretary:

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