Obnoxious Chris Wallace suggests Justice Breyer retire, not be a ‘fool’


Fox News’s resident leftist Chris Wallace interviewed Justice Breyer today and asked non-stop why he wouldn’t retire. He played a clip of the late Justice Scalia saying only a fool would want a replacement Justice who could undo 25 years of his efforts. Then he asked Justice Breyer what he thought about that.

It was rather rude. Wallace’s desperation was palatable as he tried to push Breyer into giving up his job. He acts as if Breyer is on his deathbed.

Why doesn’t Wallace retire? He’s totally useless. Justice Breyer should have asked him why he doesn’t.




  1. Chris Wallace is just another left winged provacateur. Chris couldn’t be a pimple on his Father’s ass, even if he lived another 100 years. Chris the puppet thinker, just a gas bag., b

  2. You go first, Chrissy.
    Can you believe the Derp State trotted out W Bush, bwahaha!
    They are just that clueless.

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