Carville says “nothing dumber” than Dem’s ‘Wokeness,’ anti-white strategy


Democratic strategist James Carville criticized Democrats’ wokeness problem again. He said it will cost them in 2022 and 2024.

He had said the same thing when he was on with Smerconish. Wokeness is “faculty lounge jargon,” he said.

We would call it Tumblr BS.

Watch as he doubles down after the radio interview:


Carville told him it was “utterly stupid” to attack white people if you want to get elected — they’re 70% of the electorate. He doesn’t think you can get “dumber than that.” But the approach on diversity is “better for the election of 2042,” Carville said. He doesn’t have a problem with ‘wokeness’ per se. It’s just not the right time.

After introducing Carville, Smerconish said that Carville doesn’t think wokeness works as a strategy.

Carville agreed and said that in politics the best way to reach the people is to speak their language. “Address people as they address each other, not like the humanities department at Amherst wants you to address everybody.”

Carville said that slogans like “defund the police” had cost Democrats in more moderate districts.

“I can look at the voting results in the Rio Grande valley. I can look at the voting results in Miami-Dade. I can relate conversations that I have with people every day,” Carville continued. “People who don’t want to live like this are scared to address the issue because it might come out the wrong way. No one is using that language except for, you know, some of our people on television if you go to — if you need wokeness, just go listen to NPR. I leave it on my truck radio so I never fall asleep.”

Defund the police is no longer about abolishing them, although it is. Democrats are letting positions go by attrition or other means. It’s a clever way to do the same thing without saying it.
It’s Just Idiotic:

Smerconish went on to say there might be enough Woke voters to cover the losses. Carville rejected that idea because he believes most of the people would appreciate that focus is in areas that Democrats would carry anyway.

“We won’t win an election in a faculty lounge. That’s just idiotic. I’m not saying — that whole assumption is idiotic. And I — the number of people that have contacted me or had people contact me after this has been enormously gratifying. Everybody just wanted this temperature to break. I get people, they’re woke and tired of being woke,” Carville continued. he added that when the pandemic ended, people just wanted to return to their normal lives and not worry about whether they might lose their jobs for addressing someone in the wrong way.

“I mean, time and time again, you hear this from everybody and of course people say ‘I don’t want to say anything because I’ll lose my job.’ Well, it so happens I’m just at a point where there is nothing to cancel me from so I don’t care. Do what you want to do,” he said.

Carville also said Democrats didn’t do well in the election, and Trump only lost by 42,000 votes. “…We did not do well. Any analyst I talked to, any politician I talk to, ascribes it to the same thing,” Carville replied.

“Final question. Final question. Could Donald Trump ride wokeness back to the White House in 2024?” Smerconish asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way. He is a world-class buffoon. I mean, historical buffoon not just in the history of the United States and he came within 42,000 votes of winning re-election,” Carville said. “After he had flubbed up the worst pandemic we’ve had in a hundred years. Somebody somewhere is trying to tell us something. Maybe we should listen to them.”

However, Carville is really into Wokeness as are all Dems. They want diversity, not unity, equity, not equality, a centralized government so they can hound you day and night. He’s saying that it’s just not timely. They’re ahead of their times.


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2 years ago

James Carville is the only Democrat who has a clue, but he’s still a moron when it comes to his politics. Why does anyone want to be part of a party of nothing but victims and losers?

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

This idiot trying his hand at transposition too??? Apparently there are much to many idiots out there that fall for this crap…

2 years ago

As much as it ‘gravels’ me to say it, it appears that Satan’s Twin has recognized and admitted the obvious. Hey, he’s closer to the truth than ABC/NBC/CBS/NPR/NYSlymes or the WaPooPoo.

Merlin's Silver Helmet
Merlin's Silver Helmet
2 years ago

Checks outside, looks at broken clock on wall, always give credit when someone gets it right, even a CPUSA burn it all down fellow traveler.
Diversity is just another word for divide and conquer and as the great Doc Savage said…you can’t have equality without quality.