Catholic League Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene a “Disgrace”



A conservative Catholic organization responded to comments that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made about the church last week, calling her a “disgrace.”

Last week, in an interview with Catholic Militant, Greene said that recent efforts by Christian organizations and churches to help resettle undocumented immigrants and refugees in the U.S. are evidence of “Satan controlling the church.”

“The church is not doing its job, and it’s not adhering to the teachings of Christ,” Greene said in the interview.

Catholic organizations, somewhat removed from the church’s authority, like Catholic Charities, have been raking in government dollars to resettle illegal aliens. Their reasoning is they’re here, so we have to help them. Also, the Pope is for open borders, although he has denied it.

The attack on Catholics. Be careful not to generalize.



The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights president, Bill Donohue, responded to Greene in a statement Wednesday, saying that while Greene had “plenty of opportunities to make rational criticisms” of Christian organizations assisting refugees, “instead she slandered the entire Catholic Church.”

“I thought we had a separation of church and state, right? No, what it is, is Satan’s controlling the church.”

“Satan is controlling the Catholic Church? She needs to apologize to Catholics immediately. She is a disgrace,” Donohue said in a relatively mild statement.

Donohue also said that the Catholic League is contacting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) about the incident, warning that he has a “loose cannon on his hands.”

Greene responded to Donohue’s comments on Wednesday. She said she was referring to church leadership, not the Catholic Church, with her remarks about Satan.

“I refuse to use kinder, gentler language as Bill Donohue might prefer when I talk about his disgusting and corrupt friends, who have made him rich with the donations from ordinary churchgoing Catholics,” Greene wrote.


Many people, including Catholics, are angry with the leftist church groups enabling illegal immigration.

Donohue is rich, but so what? I’m a capitalist. It’s fine with me. Donohue is very effective; the Catholic Church needs people like him to protect them. The Catholic Church is a perennial target.

However, the Catholic organizations aiding and abetting the destruction of this country are worthy of criticism.

Where are the religious leaders from all religions, not just Christianity? Why aren’t they objecting to an invasion of the country and all the insane Woke ideology? So much of it is ungodly. We have people dying to get here, children sold into sex trafficking, and criminals and terrorists coming into the country. How is any support for this a good thing?

Satan is in control of our border. That’s the real disgrace.

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