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Jack Smith Is Closing in on Indicting Donald Trump


It appears the Jack Smith probe is closing in on Donald Trump. Smith’s office contacted Gov. Kemp’s office.

According to The Washington Post, special counsel Jack Smith recently asked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for information about efforts by President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the election results in Georgia in 2020, the governor’s spokesman confirmed Friday afternoon.

“Our office has been contacted by Jack Smith’s office, but we will decline to comment further at this time,” said Andrew Isenhour, the spokesman for Kemp (R).

Trump received a target letter last week from Smith’s office, saying he was facing potential criminal charges in the investigation of efforts to block Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

Smith recently asked Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) for information about efforts to overturn the election results in his state, Ducey’s spokesman told The Post earlier this week.

Donald Trump openly contacted the governors and Brad Raffensperger to find votes. He was asking them to look for legal votes because he felt the election was rigged. With the information about the Hunter laptop, we know it was rigged. Even if we didn’t consider any of the other issues like ballot harvesting, extended counting, mail-in balloting, and on and on, hiding the Hunter laptop was enough to swing the election.

Mark Levin had a good monologue last night and made a good point about Biden having to run for office to avoid indictment, along with his family.

The media continually says that’s why Donald Trump is running, but Joe Biden has more reason. He actually committed crimes. There is powerful evidence against Biden and his clan for bribery, extortion, money laundering, conspiracy, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

The government has evidence from emails, Hunter’s laptop from Hell, text messages, bank records, suspicious activity reports, and FBI whistleblowers. And every whistleblower has experienced retaliation, which is illegal.

The leaks coming from the DOJ are illegal – forty leaks from three major newspapers alone.

The DOJ blocked interviews of witnesses in the Biden extortion case, hid the Hunter laptop, blocked electronic search warrants to obstruct the investigation into the Bidens.

Smith for his part is a hit man, America’s Levrentiy Beria, and Merrick Garland is a mob boss as Mark Levin stated. Smith has been engaged in failed case after failed case where he illegally indicts and gets convictions as in the Gov. McDonnell case, Rick Renzi, John Edwards, and others. He allegedly falsified a case against the former president of Kosovo.

Smith signed off on the unconstitutional attack on the Tea Party.

He ignores lawyer and client privilege, the right to an objective jury, and due process routinely.

Levin calls it diabolical. It is. The Left plans to imprison Donald Trump for the remainder of his life on seemingly nothing while Biden and his criminal family go free.

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