Catholic Priests Falsely Claim Jesus Was a Palestinian Born in Gaza


Two political and rogue Catholic priests appeared on CNN, one claiming Jesus was Palestinian and another falsely claiming he’d be born in “Gaza under rubble.” Using Jesus Christ to make a political point is a serious misuse of history, and it’s becoming a habit with leftists. It’s particularly egregious when it’s a religious person doing it.

This false history is commonly cited by Liberation Theologists [Marxist version of Catholicism].

CNN commenter named Edward Beck, a Catholic priest, said, “The story of Christmas is about a Palestinian Jew born into an occupied country, having to flee as refugees into Egypt.”

Another priest named Christopher Lamb, who is CNN’s Vatican correspondent, tweeted, “If Jesus were born today, he would be born in Gaza under rubble.”

At what point do these priests become heretics – it seems like they’re skating on the edge.

Bethlehem is in the West Bank. It is not in Gaza, and Jesus would not have been born there.

Jesus was a Jew. He was born in Judea. The Christian religion is tied to the Jewish religion and the Old Testament.

The 12 tribes of Israel made it to the promised land in or about 1200 BC. By 930 BC, Israel and Judah separated. The land was Jewish [Israel] until the Roman purge under Emperor Hadrian in 132 AD.

Judah existed until the Byzantine reorganization of the 5th century. They called it Palestine, but there was never a Palestinian nation. People today who call themselves Palestinians are mostly Egyptian or Jordanian descent.

When he was executed, a sign over Jesus’s cross read, “The king of the Jews.”

“This is embarrassingly wrong,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz reacted.

“Because you know how in Matthew 15:24 Jesus said ‘I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel,’ by Israel Jesus meant Palestine. Father Beck has to stop watching Al-Jazeera and start reading the New Testament,” Foundation for Defense of Democracies research fellow Hussain Abdul-Hussain swiped the Roman Catholic priest.

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1 month ago

The ignorant masses of today will believe anything they are told. Critical thinking and history are a waste of time to them.