Caught Lying, Hamilton 68 Responds with…Drum Roll Please… Lies


Hamilton 68 responded to the #TwitterFiles 15 thread on Friday with a series of false claims. They said their site was always intended to be understood as “nuanced.” Hamilton 68’s mother ship, The Alliance for Securing Democracy, claimed they always maintained that “witting or unwitting” accounts could be on their list. Then they said that they always admitted, “some accounts we track are automated bots, some are trolls, and some are real users.”

They won’t apologize but instead, as Elon Musk said, came up with “disingenuous” claims. To put it more bluntly, they lied.

Matt Taibbi explains just how “disingenuous” they are and presents proof. For example, they have a disclaimer stating that ‘it would be INCORRECT to label anyone or anything that appears on their dashboard “as being connected to state-backed propaganda.”

However, Taibbi went back to the Wayback Machine, and this is what was on the original:

These accounts were selected for their relationship to Russian-sponsored influence and disinformation campaigns, and not because of any domestic political content.

We have monitored these datasets for months in order to verify their relevance to Russian disinformation programs targeting the United States.

…this will provide a resource for journalists to appropriately identify Russian-sponsored information campaigns.

High on that original page, the Hamilton founders explained they monitored two types of accounts, Taibbi writes:

There are two components to the dashboard featured here.

The first section, “Overt Promotion of Content,” highlights trending content from Twitter accounts for media outlets known to be controlled by the Russian government.

  1. The second section, “Content Tweeted by Bots and Trolls,” highlights themes being pushed by Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence campaigns.

Even worse, the lists were random and were never reviewed or verified. The person who created the techniques, J.M. Berger is a far-left extremist.

If you go to racket news, you can read about more of the deceit that was used to dehumanize anyone and everyone on the right.


They had 644 accounts targeted that were all normal Americans and Canadians. Two were RT but they are well-known.

All of this enabled Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and a host of others to portray Donald Trump and his supporters as Putin puppets. It painted a background that made their lies somewhat believable. At the least, people became frightened and didn’t want to take a chance on the right.

The fact that the Alliance would do this and continue to lie about it demonstrates how evil these people are.

Speaking about “disingenuous,” Adam Schiff is reducing his lies to a simple lack of clarity as CNN’s chyron has him listed as an (R). You can’t make this stuff up.

There was a time, not so long ago, all of these people would be banished and shunned. No more. They are powerful Democrat heroes whose ignominious behavior will simply be rewritten by the corrupt media so they can live a fruitful propagandist life once more.

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1 year ago

Back in 2008 I stated this —-Welcome to the 21st Century where ethics, integrity and morals have no meaning!!!!!! Then the Obama era began and continues to grow!!!!!!

1 year ago

I really don’t think a Liberal is capable of telling the Truth.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Keys to being a good liberal.

  1. Know how to lie
  2. When caught change the subject.
  3. Always attack the person who catches you in lies as dishonets, lying, racist….

Just go back and watch the liar Todd “interview” Jim Jordan.