Forever Blackouts: Banning Oil, Coal, Gas in Minnesota


Minnesota House Democrats banned coal, oil, and gas last week in one of the coldest states in the nation. They hope to ban mining in Minnesota as Biden strikes a deal with African nations that use child labor and China, where they use slaves.

It heads now for the Minnesota Senate, KIMT reports. The Blackout Bill would require the state’s electric utilities to have carbon-free electricity sources by 2040.

The bill passed the Minnesota House of Representatives on a 70 to 60 vote Thursday night after more than seven hours of debate.

The legislation would also require utilities to increase the amount of their electricity that’s generated from renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, and hydropower, to 55% by 2035. That means the costs start now. Lawmakers amended the bill so that utilities would need a 60% carbon-free portfolio by 2030, seven years from now. The mandate would increase to 100% by 2040.

Electricity will skyrocket, the grid will be unreliable, and they will have power outages.

The legislature has Democrat majorities in both houses, and it could pass. Gov. Walz is a radical leftist.

The Minnesota State Capitol building in winter, St. Paul, Minnesota. Blackouts won’t go welll.

It’s another way to redistribute our wealth and destroy the United States.

Alpha News reported that the legislation was passed after seven hours of debate. It mandates the state’s electricity grid become 100% carbon-free in 17 years.

Their electricity bills will, of necessity, skyrocket. Minnesota will be reliant on nations worldwide for fuel, nations that have no regard for standards or child and slave labor.

Amendments to lift moratoriums on nuclear were not accepted.

“The third-largest deposits of copper, nickel, and cobalt that exist in the known world are only 250 miles north of this Capitol. Instead of investing in those resources … we have decided to export it around the world where carbon emissions will be 20, 25, or 30 times higher than if we were to do it here in Minnesota,” Rep. Spencer Igo, R-Wabana Township, said.

They call the self-destructive legislation the “blackout bill,” arguing that using wind and solar alone is unreliable. The truth is we will have blackouts using wind and solar.

John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog writes:

It is ironic that wind and solar energy are promoted as “green,” when in fact one of their worst qualities is the damage they do to the environment. Solar panels are manufactured in China using slave labor (Uighurs) and coal-fired power plants for electricity. The irony is heavy. And both wind and solar require vast quantities of minerals and hazardous substances.

A fundamental problem with wind and solar is that they are extremely low-intensity energy sources. The amount of land required to produce a substantial amount of electricity is enormous.

Democrats fantasize about living in a world with only solar and wind, two sources of energy that have been obsolete for two hundred years. Wind turbines don’t work in cold weather, and there’s no electricity from them. In cold weather, they become consumers of electricity, not producers. Solar relies on batteries that do not exist.

What it does to the rest of the world is also problematic.

Minnesotans will freeze, some will die, in homage to the Democrat god of climate change, a religion bound to fail.

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1 month ago

Climate change is a fanatical religion. Those who don’t believe are heretics worthy of death. Regardless of reality they will march forward to appease their climate god. Zero emissions means the death of Western civilization.

1 month ago

Having spent a few years in Minnesota I can attest the only people dumber than these Democratic legislators are the people who elect them. I believe a majority of these people would be flat eathers if told that was the party line. The place sould be walled off an d converted into an insane asylum.

1 month ago

Solar? In MINNESOTA? Trust me, I’ve lived up there. At high noon, in the winter, the sun is at such a low angle, way down there in the south, that even on those rare sunny days, the very ground is dark with the extremely long shadows (buildings, trees, hills, etc) cast by that very far-away sun.

The years living up there were the most miserable of my life, because the abject stupidity of the populace, even from the mid-80s until the late-90s, was already so profound as to drive any sane out-of-stater close to the edge. The only escape was … well … escape.

1 month ago

Go Woke, Go Broke!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Leftism is a form of mental illness, somewhat similar to suicidal people.

Lyndon Larouche was right in the 70s. He predicted that elitist interests would try to depopulate us by cutting off energy supplies, creating a negative growth deindustrialized society of misery. He was called a crackpot.