Caviezel’s Sound of Freedom Is Off to an Impressive Start


As the anti-capitalist Disney movie Indiana Jones sequel fails at the box office, a new independent studio has made an impressive start.

The movie starring Jim Caviezel is an anti-child trafficking thriller called Sound of Freedom. Oscar winner Mira Sorvino also headlines.

Many rivals are tracking this semi-faith-based, based-on-a-true-story title about former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, who took rescuing abducted children around the globe into his own hands. They’re spotting a $20 million six-day start, impressive for a non-major-studio adult thriller. We’ll see how this plays out. More than 1 million tickets have been snapped up for Sound of Freedom, Deadline reported Monday.

Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who rescues kidnapped children from international sex trafficking rings with his organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Ballard left DHS and created OUR after growing frustrated with the government’s efforts to rescue kidnapped children.


Mr. Caviezel wants to help save America, starting with the children, he says in the clip below.

Devin Nunes interviewed Mr. Caviezel about the film, noting that this centers on children coming from Colombia.

“Yes,” Caviezel said, “and they’re being rounded up and then shipped around the globe.” They could end up anywhere in the United States, Russia, the Philippines. They get shipped out in big freight carriers and are kept underground.

He talked about actor friends who feel as he does, including Mel Gibson.

“I mean it’s just, it’s insane,” Caviezel said, “and this is just the beginning of the conversation because there’s millions and millions of more children. This is actually much bigger, but if …we can just start peeling back the onion, then we can start going deeper.

“We don’t make faith-based films I hate that term because you know why?Because it feels so manipulative. I make a film that I want to … be the best in the world. We were the best when we made the Passion. We didn’t say we’re making a faith-based film. The reason why I don’t like it, is a lot of these … they’re like carnival acts. They’re like here… we just made you a faith-based film, people and you got to buy it because we did this for you…”

“You know we got to take on our goliaths. Americans we got to save our country. We got to come together. Let’s start right now with our children, and then just start taking this whole thing apart. It’s got to come from the people. My brothers and sisters can we love God’s children more than we fear evil? Can we love Jesus more than we fear the cross?


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