Backed by Biden, Wannabe Dictators Are Uniting Globally


World globalist organizations are uniting, and their goal is one global government. Such a government of unelected bureaucrats would have tremendous power and no accountability. It’s not only Biden who is a wannabe dictator. He also backs this movement.
Worldwide controls

At this time, The World Health Organization is drawing up a Pandemic Treaty giving themselves ultimate power over health and climate emergencies. They even have a section allowing them to silence critics.

We are now faced with a potential Pandemic Treaty that seeks to silence misinformation.

JD Rucker discussed the horrendous zero draft World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty. As he says, no one is talking about it, including conservatives. He thinks this should be the biggest story out there, and it should be. Conservatives allow the mainstream to hijack all the information about this treaty, pretending it won’t rob us of our sovereignty. Some conservatives even echo the mainstream. They are missing the point.

You can go to Rucker’s written report here.


Additionally, the global power grab is here – out in the opne. The UN is about to engage in a worldwide power grab of all global emergencies. Both efforts have the blessing of Joe Biden and his managers behind the curtain.

Their proposal gives the UN emergency powers internationally to automatically convene and operationalize an emergency platform in the event of a future global shock. It means the UN can actively promote and drive an international response, using the principles of equity and solidarity at the center of its work.

In other words, Marxism.

Even though they claim the emergency platform will have a finite term, the secretary-general can extend it if he wants. Joe Biden supports this.


Ideologues are the greatest danger to mankind and have been throughout recorded history.

Investigative journalism by Robert W Malone, MD, MS, showed that during the corona crisis, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paid organizations to silence critical doctors through cyberstalking.

It didn’t matter if the censored doctors were right. All that matters is the agenda, and collateral damage will be well worth it in their minds. They have no regard for the will of the people. They know best.

Beyond cenosr and power grabs are the UN SDGs.

Indeed, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are tempting to those ignorant of the ultimate totalitarian power grab. The UN wants to eradicate hunger, make the oceans plastic-free, and provide everyone with clean water and decent work. Sounds positively Utopian.

The ultimate plan is to give these dictators – never our friends – all of our resources, funds, and obedience by treaty. Then they will take on all these amazing feats with no history of ever achieving any of these goals. Their pilot programs are mostly failures. They’re good at taking money, bullying, insulting, and forming committees.

To give you an idea of what they would do. The UN has adopted policies of lockdowns, quarantining, forced masking, controlled and forced speech, climate change extremism, open borders, and the elimination of genders in the future. Their leaders and committee members are often from terrorist nations like Iran or Venezuela.

Globalists want to take over the world, and they are all united against the masses.

“But the greatest danger to humanity is not a virus, nor climate, nor even poverty. The greatest danger to humanity lies in ideological blindness and fanaticism. Man ceases to be human when he becomes so convinced of his own ideas that he wants to forbid those of the other,” says Mattias Desmet.

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