CBS Poll Has Never Nikki as THE Candidate to Beat Biden


A new CBS poll is out today. Republican voters see Donald Trump as having the best chance to win against Joe Biden in November. When you take in Democrat voters, Nikki Haley tops the list, with Ron DeSantis coming in second and Donald Trump at third.

Does anyone really believe “Birdbrain” can win the presidency?

When GOP voters were asked who they would vote for in the primary, Donald Trump won 69% of the vote, DeSantis 14%, Haley 12%, and Ramaswamy and Hutchinson were 4% and 1%, respectively.

GOP voters were asked who would beat Biden; 70% said Donald Trump, 37% said Ron DeSantis, and 31% said Nikki Haley.

On immigrants: One question is Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “poisoning the blood of the country” when describing immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally. While most voters overall disagree with this language, eight in ten Republican primary voters say they agree with it — and that includes majorities of both MAGA voters (97%) and non-MAGA voters (65%) in the GOP electorate.

Republican primary voters agree with Trump by 81%, and only 19% disagree. Of all voters, 47% agree, and 53% disagree.

Margaret Brennan seems intellectually limited, given her questions:

The bloody poison

They are coming in too fast for assimilation; some are criminals and terrorists, and others won’t be independent of big government for a generation. They will be taught to hate us through DEI, so do you think they will poison the blood of the nation?

When asked if Donald Trump should get revenge for being criminally charged by political opponents, Maga voters said ‘yes’ by 55%, 45% disagreed, non-Maga said ‘yes’ by 30%, and 70% said ‘no.’

The CBS poll found Haley would have 53% in a contest against Joe Biden, who would be at 45%. Allegedly, DeSantis would be at 51% against Biden‘s 48%. Donald Trump would be at 50% to Joe Biden‘s 48%.

CBS said that the reason she has the lead she does is because she draws more moderates and independence and more voters with college degrees than Trump does against Biden. She allegedly peels off more 2020 Biden supporters than Trump or DeSantis.

Hutchinson is still in the race at 1% because he’s clueless. The failed candidate thinks raising awareness of the disaster befalling the country is a grievance and fear-mongering:

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Nikki couldn’r beat an egg.

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Nikki couldn’t beat Chris the Donut Man in a 50 meter race.

1 month ago

Libtards are running scared. Yes, vote for a guaranteed loser in Haley. That will make the libtards happy.