CBS Poll Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with the New Democrat Party


What’s wrong with today’s Democrat Party can be seen clearly in a new CBS News poll. The majority of Democrats no longer hold views that line up with traditional America and they lack all common sense.

A majority of Democrats see the world, not as it is, but as they think it is or want it to be. Case in point is the way they see Christians as some kind of violent Crusaders hacking off heads. This distorted thinking has given us affordable healthcare that’s unaffordable, excessive spending to develop an economy, a SAFE Act that makes us less safe, workplace violence-jihadist attacks, kinetic military actions, man-caused disasters, no boots on the ground though they are, banning of phrases like “America is exceptional”, “America is a melting pot” and “America is a land of opportunity.” It’s given us gays who protect radical Islam and people on the left who prefer to cater to foreigners over citizens.

They believe in Alinsky. These are the same people promoting or accepting violence against the right-wing throughout our nation. Whatever it takes to be in complete control. Religion gets in their way.

According to a new CBS poll, a majority of Democrats have said that they believe that the religion of Islam is dangerous, but that other religions are just as bad.

By a margin 66 percent, Democrats believe Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism and other religions are just as violent as Islam. Only 14 percent see Islam as more violent. They should have asked about Atheism, such as the Atheism of Joe Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and the Castro Brothers.

Republicans view Islam as a more violent religion than the others by 63 percent. Perhaps that’s because millions of them are forming around the world to take over Western societies, all religions including moderate sects of Muslims, and, in the end, are prepared to behead them if they don’t comply.

Islam is the religion that was the inspiration behind such attacks as 9/11, San Bernardino, Pulse Nightclub, the attacks that took place in France, and so many other. The religion is also responsible for the murder of gays, and women under the guidance of Sharia law, which requires strict punishments for those who do not adhere wholly to it.

Christianity engages in extraordinary philanthropy as part of the religion, and it makes up the foundation for western laws which protect those groups that Sharia law seeks to enslave.

That’s a problem with the party that can’t be solved.

Jihadists about to behead 22 Coptic Christians

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