CBS Reporter: It’s ‘Money Over Morals…Cheap Fact Checking’


Project Veritas released a new video today that features a CBS journalist by the name of Michael Mulford ADMITTING that Corporate Media prioritizes “money over values”. He said they do “cheap fact-checking”.

Michael Mulford, CBS Documentary Broadcast Associate told Project Veritas, “It’s like a cheap way of doing it [fact-checking]. So, I’ll just Google like, whatever, and then like, CBS on the end, and if there’s a CBS article about it, then I’m like, ‘great, [news report] verified.’”

“Money reigns supreme at the end of the day. Money over morals, kind of is how it is.”

“The civic duty that I kind of thought that I was going to get out of it [working in media], like, the reward of telling people what’s going on, I just haven’t felt.”

“One of the reasons why I want to leave news is because it’s not really as impartial as it had been.”

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This man is not bright. Sure, they do cheap fact checking, because they are lazy, stupid leftists. If their cheap fact checking reveals what they do not want to believe, it is discarded.

If CBS wanted a bigger audience, and thus make much more money, it would try honest reporting. Cheap fact checking does little for the balance sheet. A huge audience would. This man’s claims do not wash. CBS does not have a goal of making money, it has a goal of disinformation, it comes from up above.

1 year ago

It’s been common knowledge that Liberal Media fact checking is just a circular firing squad in an echo chamber.