CBS Seizes Catherine Herridge’s Files in an Unprecedented Move


CBS reporter Catherine Herridge, who reported about the Hunter laptop early on, was laid off by a DEI boss. The network then seized all her files, including her personal and computer files.

It is unprecedented. However, her boss is a DEI woke individual. Who knows what was in her mind?

The House Judiciary Committee asked CBS News on Friday to provide the committee with records related to the network’s recent termination of journalist Catherine Herridge after accusations surfaced that her now-former employer inappropriately seized her belongings when she left. The files link to an important First Amendment case involving the right of reporters to keep sources confidential. A judge ordered her to turn over records of her reporting at Fox News concerning a scientist’s alleged ties to the Chinese military.


According to the source, the network packed everything she owned and had in the office except Herridge’s scrap notes. They told her it would determine what, if anything, would be given back to her.

The network’s actions, according to insiders, might affect Herridge’s First Amendment lawsuit. Her documents might reveal confidential talks she had with her attorneys or the identity of sources.

Herridge is under fire for not complying with US District Judge Christopher Cooper’s order to reveal how she learned about a federal probe into a Chinese American scientist who operated a graduate program in Virginia. This case dates back to her employment at Fox News. She faces contempt of court for not turning over her sources.

Herridge had encountered obstacles from higher-ups regarding her coverage of Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop. She also had a falling out with Ingrid-Ciprian Matthews, the president of CBS News. 

After an investigation into her hiring and management practices, Ciprian-Matthews was accused of and cleared of all charges in 2021. Complainants specifically cited “discriminatory hiring practices and favoritism.”

Another source said Herridge might have had information in her files that would support a wrongful termination lawsuit. She might have been working on something that would make the Biden administration look bad.

“She was pursuing stories unwelcomed by the Biden White House and many Democratic powerhouses, including the Hur report on Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal, and the Hunter Biden laptop,” Professor Jonathan Turley wrote.

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