CBS’s Brennan Boasts of Biden “Achieving a Basic Matter of Governance”


Biden followed up on his fall while leaving the stage at the Air Force graduation by knocking his head into Marine One. He can’t afford another knock on the head. Then he launched into his dementia walk.

The media wants you to believe the octogenarian president is fine.

Joe Biden’s most recent fall looked like a pretty serious situation, and despite the media spin, people on the left are clearly nervous about it.

Some are even calling for opening up the Democrat nomination to primary challenges.

They lied about his fall.

When he gave his speech, he was very angry and screamed from the stage.

As we mentioned yesterday, he told an old lie about a non-existent appointment to the naval academy. He was at the University of Delaware at the time.

The leftist media cheerleaders continue to pretend Joe is competent and governing. CBS’s Margaret Brennan thinks Biden’s debt ceiling victory was him achieving “a basic matter of governance.”

They want you to think he’s governing. They’re insulting our intelligence.

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