CCP has a bioweapons program and spies or sources in key US agencies


One of the highest-ranking defectors ever to leave communist China for the US is working with the Defense Intelligence Agency. Christopher Wray was unaware and kept in the dark because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies.

Redstate reported on June 4th:

A person believed to be among the highest-ranking defectors ever to the United States from the People’s Republic of China has been working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for months, sources inside the intelligence community have told RedState on condition of anonymity. The defector has direct knowledge of special weapons programs in China, including bioweapons programs, those sources say.

FBI Director Christopher Wray was “ambushed” with the information, they say, and Langley was also unaware. Sources say DIA leadership kept the defector within their Clandestine Services network to prevent Langley and the State Department from accessing the person, whose existence was kept from other agencies because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.

The defector has been with the DIA for three months and they are convinced he is legitimate. It has led to a crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Housley reported this first, writing on Twitter:

“Being told the increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge. In fact, Wray didn’t know right away because they wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him.”

“Also…US intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab. The belief is still that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.”

“Again…what I reported tonight. US intelligence has a Chinese defector with Wuhan info. AND China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that coronavirus originally came from a lab.”

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector.

China colludes with North Korea, why would we trust them? They knew of the contagion by November 2019, perhaps earlier, especially if they planned it as a bioweapon. We know that they allowed their potentially contagious people to travel the globe while not allowing them to travel within China.

Why do we let them provide us with key medications? Why do we listen to Dr. Fauci?


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1 year ago

The Corruption in the Government will continue until we start executing corrupt politicians who have clearly committed Treason. We should start with the people in DC going back to the 1990’s.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

We know of associations of congress members with Chinese spies. Hunter was associated with one of the top CCP spies and he disappeared. Don’t forget Mitch and Joe. Don’t forget the world’s top nanotech expert, Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard, arrested, so were 2 of his CCP associates trying to leave the US with biological samples.

The CIA and DOJ must know all about the espionage activities. In some cases, as with Feinstein, we know that she was warned twice. The DOJ, which includes the FBI, is the key area which is betraying the USA. Sessions and Barr did nothing but assist the destruction of the USA. If a country’s investigators are working against the nation, the nation will fail, guaranteed, and the USA is doing that.

1 year ago

Conquered without firing a single shot while the faculty lounge blowhards think that they are the masters of the universe.
The irony is so thick you could slice it!
The land of Sun Tzu doesn’t play with double digit IQ statist utopians and they will OWN everything before 2025.
The traitor fellow traveler comrades will cheer as the PLA marches down the streets of CPUSA utopias.

1 year ago

Stop the nonsense. Spies in the CIA, FBI, NSA? Of course, they are virtual extensions of the ChiCom spy agencies and for years have allowed their masters to pilfer out secrets and industries. The ChiComs have infiltrated and compromised most of our major institutions, universities,research labs, corporate executive suites, and the entertainment industry. They are ubiquitous.
Today, having engineered the greatest crime in history, they have their agents installed in the White House where Biden and Harris and their host of traitors and fellow travellers have seized control of our government and media. Every action taken by Comrade Puppet Biden and his host of traitors have been to weaken and destroy the economy and social fabric of this nation. Never in the history of the Western World have there been such a coup that is quickly sliding into our complete enslavement to the CCP. Patriots must rise up and march on the District of Corruption and take back our government before the Chinese People’s Army lands on our shores to claim their new province.