Seattle sends all-staff email calling police white supremacists, racists, zealots


Reporters agree with Antifa, and Black Lives Matter or they simply don’t want to hurt the hard left movement. They are supporting and not reporting. That’s why we have them raving about the Antifa who saved the Western World on D-Day.

Reporters are promoting the takeover of our nation by raging lunatics.

One smaller example comes out of Seattle. Were it not for Jason Rantz, you would never know about the Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) sending an all-staff email calling police officers white supremacists.

The Seattle officers are livid but the agency is doubling down on the racist, hateful message. This is as Seattle is shedding officers at an unsustainable rate. It’s obviously what they want.


Under the heading “Black Lives Matter,” the email excoriated Seattle cops as serving “the false gods of white supremacy,” called them “mercenaries and zealots,” and argued they are “paid in the wages of white privilege.”

It’s an unhinged Antifa-BLM-inspired, racist email.

Daniel Holmberg, a senior management systems analyst with FAS, wrote the manifesto. It’s titled, “White supremacy thrives without consequences.”

It puts the police in further danger.

Holmberg is a member of the Change Team, a group of elected staffers tasked with helping the department reach its equity and anti-racist goals. FAS staff committed itself to a “daily call for us to embed race and equity into everything we do in our department.”

Lacking all self-awareness, they see themselves as having hard conversations.

“Vicious and Lazily Delivered in Bad Faith”

Rantz writes, “Holmberg’s email is vicious and lazily delivered in bad faith. He argues that policing is “ensconced” in white supremacy, and it’s gotten worse in the last decade. He implies that officers purposefully target Black people with deadly force, pointing to a Harvard study showing police kill Black Americans over three times more than whites. It does not, as Holmberg implies, explain why. But he’ll still draw a deranged conclusion.”

Holmberg writes, “When the arbiters of justice serve the false gods of white supremacy, they are not worthy of the power they wield. If police protection and restraint extend only to white people, they are no longer guardians; they are mercenaries and zealots, paid in the wages of white privilege, inflicting their wicked commandments upon us.”

The woke madman repeated the long-retracted claim that rioters “bludgeoned a police officer” at the Capitol riot. He chides the unstaffed Capitol Police for not using tear gas against the rioters while cops quickly use force against people of color who “protest their own extermination.”

“Can any of us truthfully claim a Black person who did even a fraction of what these rioters did would not have left the scene in the back of a police cruiser, or more likely, a body bag?” Holmberg asks, apparently forgetting the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. “This is the cleansing power of whiteness: it turns pigeons into doves and terrorists into tourists.”

No Evidence Needed

Holmberg accuses six Seattle officers of attending the Donald Trump rally of January 6th without any evidence.

Holmberg says the riot resulted from an unnamed “organized domestic white power terrorist cell (or cells).”

He states there aren’t just a few bad apples in the department.

None of this is backed by evidence of any kind.

Doubling Down on Hate

A FAS spokesperson doubled down on the hate mail.

“If we have learned anything from the past year — when COVID-19 disproportionately ravaged communities of color and the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others laid bare how entrenched systemic racism is in our country — it is that we cannot afford to stay comfortable,” Melissa Mixon (she/her/hers) wrote to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “Staying comfortable is costing lives, specifically Black lives, and we stand behind our Change Team for keeping us accountable and challenging all of us to learn, to re-examine, to grow and, above all, to act in this urgent work.”

“Did you get that, folks? Staying comfortable is costing us lives! Thus, the email saves lives because some woke dude is making you uncomfortable with some harsh truths!” Rantz writes.

Americans have allowed mentally deranged people to rise in power to satisfy the WOKE cult and the new religion of equity and racist hate.


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2 years ago

Law enforcement isnt all white, some of them like watermelon.

2 years ago

If I were a policeman in Seattle I would fail to show up until I had the full support of the city council!!

2 years ago

The Police of Seattle should take 30 days off. Let the criminals know that they will have no police protection in Seattle for 30 days, including protection details for Politicians. If the city is still there, the Seattle Communist should understand by then. If Black Lives really mattered to Blacks, they would stop killing each other.

Down here in the Deep South we don’t need so many police. The Criminals know that we play by Southern Rules and if a criminal of any color gives me cause to think that they will do me harm, they can be confident that they will meet their maker. We don’t have Liberal Problems down here, because we don’t tolerate Liberal Stupidity in open carry / no license conceal carry States. A heavily armed population tends to be a polite population. We don’t have loud mouth Liberals in our faces making threats! Down in the Bayous the alligators are also well fed!

2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Here in the mid-south, what with open carry/no license carry, the problems with the leftists seem to be confined to the usual urban areas controlled by the leftists(dems). And, mother nature has provided many caves and sinkholes to take care of the leftist scum who forget where they are.
Just sayin’.

The Watcher On The Wall
The Watcher On The Wall
2 years ago

O/T-reading all of the controlled burn it all down demolition articles at aggregator!

Kamal tells future lifetime CPUSA voters in Guatemala do not come, protesters already have signs out against the femme hopey changey agent, Zelensky the comedian leader of Ukraine is pissed about the Nord Stream pipeline and accuses OBiden of paying for it, Stinkin’ Blinken is threatening to reinstate sanctions as Putin laughs his ass off at some faculty lounge stompy feet weak sauce.
Putin and Zelensky will be meeting with Obiden and they are trembling in fear of having to face the great bureaucrat. (LOL!)

A Horse In the Senate
A Horse In the Senate
2 years ago

How about a CCP/UN police force for the big WIN? (sarc)
The comrades will be too busy loading up a bong while prattling on in posts about the terrible oppression sent from the slave labor made Macbook on the free wi-fi at Starbucks and they won’t even notice, hell they’ll probably cheer on their “liberators” here to finally build the Wakanda.
Forward! Yes we can.