CCP Is Lobbying US Companies to Oppose Bills Making the US Competitive


The Chinese Communist Party is exploiting the freedoms in our country, and the corruption in our greedy corporations. The CCP allegedly asked US companies to lobby against the bills on their behalf. The two bills currently stalled in the Senate and in the House would increase US competitiveness.

Reuters reports from several sources that the CCP sent letters to US executives and business groups asking them to oppose the bills in Congress, The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), and the Eagle Act.

The sweeping legislation to boost U.S. competition with China and fund much-needed semiconductor production, known as the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), passed the Senate with bipartisan support in June. A related bill in the House of Representatives called the Eagle Act, which is more strictly policy focused, has stalled as Congress has been preoccupied with other domestic initiatives.

The letters sent by the CCP declared:

“We sincerely hope you will play a positive role in urging members of Congress to abandon the zero-sum mindset and ideological prejudice, stop touting negative China-related bills, delete negative provisions, so as to create favorable conditions for bilateral economic and trade cooperation before it is too late.”

“The result of those China-related bills with negative impacts will not be that the interests of U.S. companies will be protected while those of Chinese companies will suffer. It is only going to hurt everyone. Promoting a China-free supply chain will inevitably result in a decline in China’s demand for U.S. products and American companies loss of market share and revenue in China.”

Some of the lobbying by the CCP was at meetings.

According to the Reuters report, the recipients of the letters don’t want to come forward because of how it makes them look. They are allegedly afraid of FARA.

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Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty
2 years ago

Competition is construct of the white European male capitalist pig patriarchy and all crony corporations will divvy up filthy lucre profits in the interest of the Schwab world Benetton rainbow utopia.
CCP comrades will happily play along in this charade until they can consolidate all gains and take the Chiquitastan or former USA prize then they will Final Solution all of the useless eaters and use the rest as sex slaves or agricultural laborers living in Bidenville shanty gulags.
The CPUSA is in agreement with these terms.

fading banana republik
fading banana republik
2 years ago

BTW-When the big WWIII show goes live where will we get our conductors and gadgets? Russia? Bwahaha!
The brilliant Long March comrades are evolved and have it all wrapped up don’t they?
There are no bags of wrenches to be spilled or flies in the ointment of today Georgia and tomorrow the world. (h/t-Comrade Kommissar Schumer CCP/CPUSA)

In The Mood by Robert Plant
In The Mood by Robert Plant
2 years ago

They didn’t buy the most worthless feckless government in human history without expecting some ROI.
The Long March fellow traveler quisling traitors in the swamp will serve their masters and serve them well.