CCP is re-educating the children of Hong Kong, it could be our future


Pro-democracy demonstrations are over for Hong Kong. China is re-educating the Hong Kong children in their Maoist ideology. They are purging teachers and teaching communism, the Wall Street Journal reports.

On Saturday the Education Bureau said it will no longer recognize the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, which has 95,000 members.

They accuse them of “engaging in political propaganda under the guise of being a professional education organisation.”

It’s really a purge.

The new national security law directs Hong Kong to “promote national security education in schools and universities.”

They are revamping the curriculum to help students develop “a sense of belonging to the country, an affection for the Chinese people, a sense of national identity, as well as an awareness of and a sense of responsibility for safeguarding national security.”

Public libraries have removed the books of pro-democracy figures.

Authorities have warned teachers and students that political expression in classrooms or on campus may violate the national security law. The maximum penalty is life in prison.

In May the union reported that nearly one in five teachers surveyed said they planned to leave the profession. Most said the reason was “increased political pressure.”

In late June, a primary-school teacher was punished after buying 10 copies of the pro-democracy Apple Daily and distributing them to colleagues. The newspaper has since closed.

Other teachers have been fired for drawing political cartoons and teaching lessons on free speech and Hong Kong independence, as well as versions of history not sanctioned by Beijing.

The march to communism is just a little ahead of ours. Watch as we fall to communism thanks to Democrats who have embraced their communist wing.

The Communists are destroying these people who learned to love freedom. Once America goes down the road to communism, there is nowhere to go.

If you think it couldn’t happen here, it is happening here. Critical Race Theory is hatred, racism, and Marxist-based as is this insane gender theory. Tearing down our history and our statues, banning classics…what do you think that is? Bills like HR!/S1 to make it impossible for Republicans to win a presidential election, what do you think that is? Did you notice our media are propagandists and lie daily? How about the millions coming across our border who will vote for Democrats. They’re here to transform the country into a one-party country with Marxists in charge.

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