CCP mocks TX for dismantling fossil fuels for alternative energy


The Chinese Communist state outlet, Global Times, taunted Texas today as they recover from an awful experience.

The headline in the Chinese propaganda newspaper read, ‘Frozen Texas Pandemic shows US Capitalist Failures.’

China was mocking the USA because our fossil fuel industry is being dismantled and the alternative energy, wind and solar primarily, isn’t enough to supply Americans during an emergency.

China knows it and is mocking us for doing it.

Bill O’Reilly said on his podcast today that “China has built three times as many coal plants in the last couple of years than the whole world combined. So, they’re not going to have any problem with alternative energy because they’re not doing it.”

The Biden administration, under the guidance of Hanoi John Kerry, in their wisdom, has made a deal to rejoin the Paris Accord that will destroy our energy industry. Under the accord, China has to do nothing although they promised to do something in 2030.

But don’t count on China doing anything in 2030 or ever.

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