Rep Rogers blasted Dem censorship: “sounds like actions from the CCP”


Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the former Chair of the House Republican Conference, nuked Democrats today at the hearing to limit conservatives’ First Amendment rights. Democrats today pushed for more censorship of conservative media under the guise of controlling disinformation.

This won’t go anywhere at this point but they got their propaganda out as they tried to intimidate the three networks they want to silence — Newsmax, Fox, and OANN.

During the hearing titled, “Fanning the Flames: Disinformation and Extremism in the Media,” Rep. Rogers said the Democrats’ push for censorship “sounds like actions from the CCP.”

What’s really amazing is you can’t embarrass Democrats. They should be humiliated, but they don’t care. The public won’t object and they have the free run of government and our freedoms.

Rogers had done her homework and called out the two chairs who believed in free speech only months ago.

“Chair Pallone and Chair Doyle, surely you agree with me. Less than a year ago, you sent a letter to the FCC decrying attempts to censor or interfere with broadcasters’ discretion to air legally protected content.

“You said… ‘At a time when autocratic governments around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to suppress press freedoms, we must reaffirm, not undermine, American’s commitment to a free press.’

“What’s changed?

She asked,  “Is this the standard you want to set?”

Then she hit them on the coverage of Governor Cuomo, who is now on the hot seat.

“Should CNN still be carried after hosting Governor Cuomo? For months, liberal media lauded him and legitimized his lethal response to COVID-19. He even won an Emmy for his use of TV to spread misinformation.

“How do we know it was misinformation? Because of a balance of networks that pursued investigative journalism.

“Should MSNBC still be carried for pushing the false “Russia Collusion” narrative? Thanks to independent journalists and a robust free press, we learned their reporting was false.”


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