CCP Spies Infiltrated Taiwan Military for Years & US Borders Are Wide Open!


There are Chinese communist spies in Taiwan’s military at the highest levels — unsurprisingly. We should learn from this because they are undoubtedly here, especially with our open borders and corruption in colleges and universities. Let’s not forget our own

Reuters reports one such spy presented himself as a Hong Kong businessman for 20 years. He infiltrated their military and ran a longtime spy operation.

The report states:

On one trip in 2006, Xie met a senior retired Taiwanese navy officer, Chang Pei-ning, over a meal, according to official documents accusing the pair of espionage. Chang would become one of Xie’s agents, the documents allege, helping him penetrate Taiwan’s active military leadership as part of a long-running Chinese operation to build a spy ring among serving and retired military officers…

…The operation detailed in these documents shows how Beijing allegedly sought out commanders in the Taiwan military and induced them to become spies. It comes amid a series of convictions for military espionage in Taiwan in recent years. Those cases reveal that China has mounted a broader campaign to undermine the democratic island’s military and civilian leadership, corrode its will to fight, extract details of high-tech weapons and gain insights into defense planning, according to senior retired Taiwanese military officers and current counter-espionage agents, as well as former U.S. military and intelligence officers with experience in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, our borders are wide open and plenty of Chinese have come across, along with Russians, Taiwanese, Iranians, and so on. None were vetted — NONE!

In terms of Taiwan, this is a very targeted and well-planned infiltration to takeover the little nation. It’s only a matter of time and, under Biden, not much time.

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