Libs, Bernie Threaten Manchin as More Republicans Invite Joe to the Party


As Joe Manchin receives multiple invites to join the Republican Party, Bernie Sanders stupidly slams him, stirs up the anger and the nutjobs on Twitter.

“He has had absolutely no pressure,” one foolish Democratic aide told The Hill. “Biden’s got to grab him by the lapels and say, ‘Listen, this ends now.’”

In the dumbest effort yet by the most inept man in the Senate, Sanders is pushing for the BBB bill, daring Manchin to reject it.

Somehow, Bernie thinks the state that voted nearly 39% for Donald Trump wants the BBB communist-energy-destroying bill.

“We’ve been dealing with Mr. Manchin for month after month after month. But if he doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of West Virginia and America, let him vote no in front of the whole world,” communist Bernie Sanders said.

He added, “We cut childhood poverty by over 40 percent, an extraordinary accomplishment. Manchin doesn’t want to do that? Tell that to the struggling families of West Virginia and America.”

Bernie’s policies have driven up poverty.


Polling shows the people, the ones who count support Manchin’s stance. Despite Jen Psaki insulting them, they’re smart and do know what is going on.

So, Democrats are threatening to run a primary against him and Senator Sinema. Let’s hope they keep it up.

Republican lawmakers have been inviting Manchin to step across the aisle ever since he stunned Democrats on Sunday with his rejection of the Build Back Better socialist/communist welfare bill.

Cornyn said he texted Manchin but has yet to hear back from him. Makes one think he is considering it.

The Texan said Manchin switching would be “the greatest Christmas gift” he could think of.

Biden said Tuesday he doesn’t hold a grudge and wants to get something done. [Biden is known for holding grudges and getting even].

“I don’t know what he will decide to do. But I do know West Virginia has gotten increasingly red,” Cornyn said.

“And I think his vote on Build Back Better is reflective of what he’s hearing from his constituents in West Virginia. So yeah, we’d love to have him. That would change the majority.”

And on Wednesday, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell reiterated his invitation for Manchin to join his party.

“Obviously, we would love to have him on our team,” McConnell told the New York Times. “I think he’d be more comfortable.”

Trump said Manchin’s no vote on the $1.75T BBB bill saved Joe Biden “from himself”.

Let Bernie keep spewing, along with the rest of the commies who have taken over the Democrat Party. They will implode as they must to save the Republic.

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