CCP spy was hanging with congressmen like Eric Swalwell


A suspected Chinese Communist spy, Christine Fang, cozied up to several California Democrat politicians locally and nationally, Axios reported.

U.S. officials believe it was part of a political intelligence operation run by China’s main civilian spy agency between 2011 and 2015, Axios found in a yearlong investigation.

Chinese national Fang Fang or Christine Fang targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who could make it big on the national stage.

According to a Bay Area political operative and a current U.S. intelligence official, Fang took part in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign. Swalwell’s office was directly aware of these activities on its behalf, the political operative said. That same political operative, who witnessed Fang fundraising on Swalwell’s behalf, found no evidence of illegal contributions.

Fang planted an intern in Swalwell’s office.

In 2015, Swalwell was alerted to her activities, and he cut ties.

Fang left the country unexpectedly in mid-2015 amid the investigation.

In the years since the Fang probe, the FBI has prioritized investigations into Chinese influence operations, creating a unit in May 2019 within the bureau solely dedicated to countering Beijing’s activities at the state and local levels. U.S. national security officials believe the threat posed by China has only grown with time.

“She was just one of lots of agents,” said a current senior U.S. intelligence official.

While the Democrats were bashing Trump, claiming he was colluding with Russia, they were hanging with Chinese spies.

Beijing “is engaged in a highly sophisticated malign foreign influence campaign,” FBI Director Chris Wray said in a July 2020 speech. These efforts involve “subversive, undeclared, criminal, or coercive attempts to sway our government’s policies, distort our country’s public discourse, and undermine confidence in our democratic processes and values,” Wray said.

Fang’s friends and acquaintances said she was in her late 20s or early 30s when she was based in the U.S. and was enrolled as a Bay Area university student.

She used political gatherings, civic society conferences, campaign rallies, and campus events to connect with elected officials and other prominent figures, according to U.S. intelligence officials, Bay Area political operatives, former students, and current and former elected officials who knew her.

She planted spies or subagents in various offices of high-level politicians. She also had affairs with two midwestern mayors.

According to a former campus organizer and social media posts, she volunteered for Ro Khanna’s unsuccessful 2014 House bid. (Khanna, a Democrat, was elected to the House in 2016.) He remembered seeing her at campaign events, but that was it.

Fang helped with a fundraiser for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) in 2013, according to a flyer from the event Fang shared on Facebook. Gabbard doesn’t remember her.

She volunteered to help Judy Chu, who also doesn’t remember her.

U.S. officials believe Fang’s real reason for being in the U.S was to gather political intelligence and to influence rising U.S. officials on China-related issues.

Fang took off for China in 2015 as the FBI investigated her, and she has not been seen since. Axios speculated in the article about why Chinese Communist Party members were targeting the Bay Area. The one obvious reason they left out is that there are fellow communists in the area in Big Tech and US politics.

Di Dongsheng, associate dean of the School of International Studies at the Renmin University of China in Beijing, recently lectured, explaining Beijing manipulated Wall Street to steer U.S. policy.


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Recon Scout
Recon Scout
2 years ago

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American women are no longer in vogue with some sexiss menfolk. (thoughtcrime)
She planted a bug or recording device in his office?
Was it really worth it Fartswell? Don’t be a putz ya schmuck.

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If not for the camera it would be defaced and destroyed by midnight.
Someone was having a mental health issue with poleeces, mambulance and firemen helping this person in distress.
I hope the “elites” are happy with the misery and despair that they are causing and let them continue with the delusion that it will never reach them.