CCP-Tied Judy Chu Says It’s Highly Dangerous to Criticize China


Rep. Judy Chu wants to silence all criticism of Maoist China. She claims that criticizing China “can result in harm and even murder of Asian Americans.” It would really help her out as she tries to hide her ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Rep. Chu spoke at a launch event for the Vincent Chin Institute. The organization fights anti-Asian hate. She said it’s even highly dangerous to talk about the economic competition between D.C. and Asian countries.

She blamed the problem on Trump for calling coronavirus the China virus and kung flu. The US-China conflict is adding to the problem she said.

Chu referred to Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man killed by two white auto workers in 1982. However, white supremacists are not the people attacking Asian people in California and New York cities.

Chu is the first Chinese American elected to the House. Recently, her ties to the Chinese Communist Party were exposed.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, she worked for a non-profit tied to front groups for the Chinese Communist Party. The non-profit shared staff with alleged Chinese Intelligence front groups.

If you stop criticizing China, you won’t be criticizing her for her ties to the CCP.  This woman is now in the House as an elected Democrat Representative.

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