CDC Chaos: It’s NOT 75% of ALL COV Deaths– Comments Were Edited


Dr. Walensky said she was misunderstood during her interview with Good Morning America. Her comments were edited, she said. Her statements were edited because GMA didn’t have enough time. She didn’t mean that 75% of all COV deaths were people with at least four comorbidities, just the cases in one study.

However, at other times she has said it’s 50% who were hospitalized WITH Cov. So, all those comments we’ve all made about the truth coming were too optimistic.

This is her unedited statement.

This is an original clip from Good Morning America:



  1. Feckless clueless Great Leap Forward promotions are always dangerous to a nation.
    Avoid any one who wants BMV-GOV involved in healthcare.
    We must separate, even if not peacefully, from those who want to be serfs on the mommygov plantation.

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