Radical Warren Thinks We Want a Bigger IRS


Radical Senator Elizabeth Warren really had hard-working Americans befuddled Monday when she vowed to give the IRS more “resources,” saying Republicans have “gutted” the agency.

I wish they had gutted it and so do most voters.

She acts like we would be really upset if the agency was smaller. Who wants a bigger IRS?

She thinks we want a grander and more powerful IRS. The fake Indian is out of touch.

“Republicans have intentionally gutted the IRS, making it harder for Americans to file taxes and easier for the wealthy to cheat. #BuildBackBetter would give the IRS the resources to go after tax cheats and help Americans accurately file their taxes,” posted Warren on Twitter.

Warren is a totalitarian and government can never be too big or powerful for her.

Democrats are looking at businesses with $600 in their private accounts. That’s not the wealthy. That’s middle and lower class. They also don’t need nearly 90,000 new agents for the small number of rich. The plan is to go after the middle class.

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