CDC Numbers of Potentially Naturally Immune Americans Are STAGGERING


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has acknowledged that a lot of people essentially have natural immunity.  It also reduces the danger of the illness. The CDC acknowledged that a staggering 146.6 million people have been infected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus and have survived it. They do have natural immunity for some period of time as we already know.

The CDC updated its May figures in October after declining to update the numbers for five months.

Estimated COVID-19 Infections, Symptomatic Illnesses, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States

CDC estimates that from February 2020–September 2021.

Is this why the fascists in government won’t consider natural immunity as better than the vaccine? Too many won’t get vaccinated?

This begs the question, why are the naturally immune ordered to get vaccinated? Control issues, money, what?

I know people who got COV and have more natural antibodies than people who are vaccinated, so what are we doing here?

Becker News reports that the CDC reports “Covid-related deaths,” and not deaths caused by Covid-19. That is because 94% of Covid-related deaths had serious underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. While Covid-19 may have been a contributing causal factor to the timing of a patient’s death, the vast majority occurred in patients who were immunocompromised or elderly.


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