Charged Capitol Hill protester kills himself, Dems blame Trump, mock the deceased


Christopher Stanton Georgia, 53, who was arrested in Washington DC last week for participating in the Capitol attack, was found dead at his residence in Alpharetta, Georgia, on January 9.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner confirmed that he died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the chest. It appears that Georgia killed himself but the police are yet to release any information on the reason.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Georgia worked as a regional portfolio manager at BB&T. It is a North-Carolina based banking company that later became known as Trust Financial after a merger with SunTrust in 2019.


Among his neighbors, he was known as an amicable, happy man who never spoke badly about anyone. Jace Carreras, a neighbor of Georgia, told The Sun that Georgia was a ‘loving father’ and someone “who always had a smile and loved cutting his own grass.

His ex-wife’s mother-in-law didn’t like him and said he was a bad influence on her daughter. [Democrat?]

Documents released by the Superior Court of DC say Georgia was charged with trying to “enter certain property, that is, the United States Capitol Grounds, against the will of the United States Capitol Police.”


Shortly after the Capital Building had been breached on Wednesday evening, Georgia, along with four other individuals, was arrested for refusing to disperse after officers warned them they violated the D.C. curfew, 11Alive reported.

Arrest on the grounds of unlawful entry carries a penalty of up to 180 days in jail and fines up to $1,000.

Perhaps he lost his job?

So far, 82 people have been arrested on this ground for the attack on the US Capitol last Wednesday. The riot took place during a Congress session to certify Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

The DailyMail reported that on the morning of January 9, Georgia’s wife called 911, and frantically reported that there was “blood everywhere.” She had discovered his body in their basement and provided details about his death to the police.


Naturally, without any evidence, many of the cancel culture are blaming President Trump. Others just show how ‘caring’ they are. They make the most disgraceful comments unabashedly.



  1. I left my favorite Powell & Peralta skateboard out in the late 1980s and it got smashed.
    It was Trump’s fault.
    My G.I. Combat collection of comics was ruined when water leaked into the storage bin.
    Also Trump’s fault.
    Yesterday it was gold and gray out with high winds.
    That mean ol’ Trump.
    We must cancel him for the good of the collective and banish those deplorable kulak untermenschen MAGA scum to unperson status!

    O/T-just had a great idea for a photochop of the old Bolshevik propaganda posters from 100 years ago that said, keep the kulaks out.
    Update it to say…keep the unwoke out!

  2. After finding the special agent BLM member David Bailey Ashli Babbit shooter, found a pic of Antifa holding up a sign saying that she deserved it.
    They are masked since they don’t have the guts to stand by what they spew.
    Franklin Graham is on to something when he said recently that we are in trouble.

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