Charlie Kirk Believes Zelenskyy’s Trying to Defeat Russia in a Unique Way


Not to ascribe motives to any of the players, but it is hard to understand how the Russian takeover of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station could have been so misportrayed accidentally. Common sense would tell anyone looking at the story that Russians weren’t about to blow up reactors with their military convoy within breathing distance. It’s unlikely the Russians want to destroy Ukraine which is why they are slowly ramping up the attacks.

We are getting a lot of propaganda from both sides although Russian propaganda has been shut down. They’ve been shut down completely unless you use a VPN.

Charlie Kirk dives into the story here and also addresses the more important story of President Zelensky leading his people in a war that probably can’t be won. We’re looking at the odds and they’re impossible. And Russia isn’t losing, much as we might want it to be true.

Perhaps, all Zelenskyy had to do is say he wouldn’t join NATO or the EU and he wouldn’t do it. However, Charlie Kirk thinks that Zelenskyy wants to win with propaganda aimed at convincing the West to join the fight.

The title of the segment is ‘Beware of the Global Woke Empire’.

He also talks about Graham calling for the assassination of Putin, which could be interpreted as an act of war.

On top of all this, there is something people should know. Zelenskyy is reportedly tied to the Woke Empire. At the end of this clip, Kirk says that Ukraine has become a client state for the US State Department and certain wealthy families. He said the same people who give your children critical race theory instruction are trying to run Ukraine, and that includes George Soros.

Listen with the usual skepticism and then research yourself if you’re interested. Truth is what we need to find, and if Zelenskyy is a pawn of the WOKEs, that would poke the bear.

The Ukrainians are very brave and we hope they win, but we must not be lured into a war with Russia. It will destroy us, and Ukraine is not a democracy as we know it. It’s quite something else. It was committed to acting as an independent buffer state. Perhaps that’s what it needs to be.


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