NYT Unintentionally Exposes Real Reason the Trump Probe Fell Apart


A New York Times story about how the Manhattan DA office’s big investigation into Trump fell apart is framed as “career prosecutors shut down by newly elected DA.”

However, as you read on, it’s obviously not the case. The truth is that after years of what we see as a witch hunt, they didn’t have a case. It was far more than a disagreement with the new district attorney Alvin Bragg. In fact, it wasn’t that at all.

The prosecutors, Mark F. Pomerantz and Carey R. Dunne, who spent years trying to build a case against Mr. Trump, detailed their strategy for proving that Donald J. Trump knew his annual financial statements were works of fiction.

There wasn’t much time and they wanted Donald Trump charged before the grand jury expires in the Spring.

Mr. Bragg and his senior aides grilled the two prosecutors on the evidence. Soon after the meeting, Pomerantz and Dunne resigned because Bragg wasn’t going any further at that time based on the lack of evidence.

It wasn’t just a case of the new DA disagreeing because he was embroiled in controversy as we’ve heard. Others felt the same way. Three prosecutors resigned over it and others expressed their concerns.

According to The Times, Mr. Bragg was not the only one to question the strength of the case, the interviews show. Late last year, three career prosecutors in the district attorney’s office opted to leave the investigation, uncomfortable with the speed at which it was proceeding and with what they maintained were gaps in the evidence. The tension spilled into the new administration, with some career prosecutors raising concerns directly to the new district attorney’s team.

Mr. Bragg was particularly concerned about relying on the testimony of known serial liar Mchael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, who was given a three years plus prison sentence for lying and couldn’t stop lying even after he was caught.

The new Manhattan DA couldn’t see how they could prove Mr. Trump deliberately misled on the value of his property.

The investigation will continue again under new leadership. There will be pressure to charge Mr. Trump.

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