Check Out Hunter’s Phone Contacts – It Just Keeps Getting Worse


Hunter’s phone was filled with porn, hookers, drugs, AND White House officials, and FBI cyber specialists. PJ Media reported this earlier. The profligate ne’er-do-well son of a senile president had the phone numbers of White House and FBI officials.

Among Hunter Biden’s contacts is the FBI’s Cyber Division Section Chief Michael Harrington. Also listed, Herb Stapleton, the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director for the Cyber Capabilities Branch of the Cyber Division. He had Bryan A. Vorndran‘s name listed. He is the assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division in March 2021. And Tonya Ugoretz was on the phone contacts. She was deputy assistant director of the cyber division and is now assistant director of the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence in May 2022.

The cyber division is in charge of terrorists, spies, and criminals so one can clearly see why Hunter would need their numbers.

He also had the number of Peter Velz, a senior protocol officer. It must have been a full-time job for him to keep erasing the trail Hunter left behind. Then there’s Rachel Palermo, a deputy comms director in the office of the VP. I guess that was one of Kamala’s jobs – handling Hunter. On the list is Rebekah Clark who might be a business official – we just don’t know.

If you will remember, Hunter Biden lost three laptops during his drug-infested sex orgies around the world. The public, at least until now, only got to see the disgusting crapfest of one laptop. We are now seeing the phone he backed up and 500GB of new data from one of his laptops.

I don’t doubt that Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland will get right on this. You know how fair they are to political opponents.

Glenn Greenwald’s observation here about Hunter’s drug and sex life is mostly right. The problem comes in, however, if he was blackmailed. There is no evidence he was but he sure was ripe for it. It’s not as serious anymore because it’s all out. However, the Ukraine and China business sounds very serious.

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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
8 months ago

Biden’s cover up (war in Ukraine) can only cover for so long. Would love to see the Biden crime family go to prison if not a firing squad for treason. . along with Obama, the Clintons and right down the line.

8 months ago

We know that the Biden Family is the most Corrupt Family in America. We also know the American Government is now the most corrupt in the World.

8 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

And if the presumed majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, come January 2023, do not make it their FIRST PRIORITY to expose everything about the entire
Biden Cabal Crime Syndicate, and pursue the lot of them and all their cohorts, straight into conviction and sentencing for treason, then we will know that they are complicit, however indirectly.

We all witnessed their pitiful performance when they last had the House and Senate, January 2017 through January 2019. If they plan to pursue the same purposefully feeble course of action yet again, then … we are lost.