Chicago Has Competition for City with Most Shootings


Every week I write an article about the number of shootings and murders in Chicago. The city is on track to break its all-time record. But now Chicago has competition for the city with the most shootings and murders.

Minneapolis has been given the nickname “Murderapolis” by the Washington Post. “Day and night the bullets zip through this predominantly black neighborhood, hitting cars and homes and people,” the newspaper reports. Victims included a 7-year-old boy riding in a car, a woman sitting in her living room, and a 17-year-old girl who was shot in the head.

In fact, it’s so bad that Minneapolis police officers are leaving the department in “droves.” The Minneapolis Police Department warns that the mass departure of police officers “could soon leave the force unable to respond to emergencies,” as reported by the Post.

Black-on-black violence has reached epic proportions. Chicago, for example, may top 4,000 shootings victims this year. Murders in Minneapolis have nearly doubled compared with last year. The city has seen more than 4,600 violent crimes, a 5-year high.

Cities across the country erupted in violence following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. But that was nearly six months ago. If black communities were upset over the death of George Floyd, then why are blacks killing each other?

This is puzzling considering these large Democrat-run cities voted for Joe Biden. Since they got what they wanted, one would think residents in these crime-ridden cities would look to their potential new president.

Chicago’s mayor and city council have expressed cautious optimism about the future of the city under a Biden administration. This is in spite of the fact that Biden authored the 1994 Crime Bill, which incarcerated large number of minorities.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot campaigned for Biden. She said she has “great confidence” in him and Kamala Harris.

By the way, where is Joe Biden? He has talked with the leaders of countries around the world. It begs the question, has he talked with leaders of cities around the country? If not, why?

Biden promised during his campaign to bring the country together. I guess they forgot to ask which country. I’m sure residents of crime-ridden Chicago and Minneapolis would like to know.

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