Joe Biden is telling us what we can do in our homes on Thanksgiving


Although there is no such position, Basement Joe claims he’s the President-elect and says we must keep our Thanksgiving parties to 5, maybe up to 10 people. We must wear masks the entire time and social distance. He wants all the guests to have COV tests, too, as if that is worth anything. By the time you get the results, you could have been infected.

Never mind that he had no problem with the ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ who never social distance.

This condescending hack, Joe Biden, has no right to tell anyone what they can do in their own homes! I will say one thing — he is unifying. He’s unifying everyone who likes Trump to wage war against him.

Just because he hides in a basement, it doesn’t mean we will.

Look at the fake “Office of the President-Elect” sign behind him. There is no such office. That lie started with Barack Obama, and it’s unconstitutional.


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