Chicago Mayor asks Biden for “common sense gun reform” after 48 people are shot in one weekend


Lori Lightfoot asked President Biden for “common sense gun reform” following the city’s most violent weekend so far this year. At least 48 people were shot, six of them fatally, over the weekend.

Lightfoot, Chicago’s beleaguered mayor, called it a “hard weekend.” Among the wounded were a 2-year-old girl and two police officers.

“What we want is to see a decrease in the number of illegal firearms, particularly available to kids,” Lightfoot said. Illinois already has strict gun laws, as do most states.

Multiple gun laws were broken in every one of 1,187 shootings in Chicago this year. Additional gun laws will not stop criminals because the strict gun laws they have now don’t stop them.

Illinois has the 7th lowest percentage of gun ownership in the U.S. and Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws. Nevertheless, the city has one of the highest murder rates in the U.S.

Lightfoot said the city has to step up and say, “We are not going to tolerate this anymore in our city.” She went on to say, “We need federal support to really make a meaningful difference. And I’m hoping that the Biden administration not only listens to me, but is listening to mayors all across the country who are struggling with the same challenges. We need to have common sense gun reform. Period.”

“Common sense gun reform” has become a meaningless catch phrase. It’s code for shredding the Second Amendment. The problem is not the guns, it’s the criminals who fire the guns.

To make matters worse, Chicago is one of those Democrat-run cities that wants to defund the police. Lightfoot recently made a stunning acknowledgement that the problem is “the absence of resources and jobs and hope.” It’s a typical problem plaguing most crime-ridden Democrat-run cities.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announced his department is preparing for a “potentially violent summer.” If there are already so many shootings and murders in Chicago, this doesn’t bode well for the looming hot summer months.

Despite Lightfoot’s plea, Biden is nowhere to be found. He has not visited Chicago or announced any plans to curb the ongoing violence. Biden supports Black Lives Matter, but apparently not in Chicago.

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  1. As Democrats routinely prove laws don’t work when dealing with criminals. In much of rural America we use Effective Gun Control. Effective Gun Control is using both hands when firing a large caliber gun. Effective Gun Control results in an accurate hit on your target and good bullet placement. Good bullet placement with a larger caliber gun normally results in no repeat offenders. Criminals are smart. They commit crimes in Big Blue Cities where they are safe. Mutually Assured Destruction has saved the World from World War III. Assured Destruction keeps rural Americans safe, Big Blue Cities should try it sometimes or at the very least put criminals away and throw away the key. Judicious use of the Death Penalty also works, it too results in no repeat offenders and at far less cost than Life in Prison. Liberals don’t like guns because they are bullies. When they get in someone’s face they don’t want to be shot! So to keep themselves safe, they make crime safe for criminals by taking away guns from the law abiding people. Of all people, Liberals should understand that Criminals, and Liberals, don’t generally obey the Law! So what makes a Liberal think gun laws will be obeyed by criminals? Chicago doesn’t need Federal assistance, all it needs is empowered citizens. When criminals know they are likely to be shot and killed most rethink being a criminal in the first place, and it they don’t figure that out at least they won’t be a repeat offended.

  2. What in the hell is wrong with these dullards that go into politics??? There are hundreds of gun laws on the books and Chicago supposedly has some of the toughest.. The gang banger and thugs aren’t about to give up their guns or personal information. However these useless politicians want the law abiding citizens to give up our 4th amendment. These democrat cities and states seem to be following Marx’s communist manifesto.

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