Courage! Rep Taylor Greene rips Kamala, Dems over BLM riots


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped Kamala Harris over the BLM riots.  She has courage, something sorely missing in Congress these days. She went after Harris for encouraging people to give to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund to bail out the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Rep. Greene asked how it would go over if a Republican did this.

She addressed defunding the police and removing their qualified immunity while raising money for domestic terrorists.

[No one is allowed to criticize BLM even though they are violent communists and anarchists. Half the members are whites and many are agitators. The initial funding from George Soros of $33 million got it off the ground. It’s a fake black group.]


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Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

Liking this tough lady more and more.

Morrie's Wigs
Morrie's Wigs
2 years ago

Remember the sighing and eye rolling over Trump’s one million from his father?
Maybe the backbone and just don’t fear telling the truth attitude will spread among the chamber of err I mean GOP but I doubt it.