Chicago mayor ignores riots, goes for art & statues


As Black Lives Matter smashes store windows, loots $60 million in goods, sets fires, and assaults police, Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is directing the city to look for potentially problematic public art and memorials.

This is what the rioters are saying and Mayor Lightweight has not condemned it:

Chicago is awash in crime and drugs but she’s worried about art and statues she doesn’t like.


In a press release from the Mayor’s Office, “The City of Chicago, in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), Chicago Park District (Parks) and Chicago Public Schools (CPS), today announced a racial healing and historical reckoning project to assess the memorials, monuments and other art across Chicago.”

“The project will grapple with the often unacknowledged – or forgotten – history associated with the City’s various municipal art collections, and will provide a vehicle to address the hard truths of Chicago’s racial history, confront the ways in which that history has and has not been memorialized, and develop a framework for marking public space that elevates new ways to memorialize Chicago’s true and complete history.”

These are the four projects described in the release:

Cataloging monuments and public art on City or sister agency property; Appointing an advisory committee to determine which pieces warrant attention or action; Making recommendations on any new monuments or public art that could be commissioned, and creating a platform for the public to engage in civic dialogue about Chicago’s history.

It’s the first step:

“This project represents the first step in a deliberative and long-needed process by which we as a city can assess the many monuments and memorials across our neighborhoods and communities,” Lightfoot said. “This effort is not just about a single statue or mural, but how we create a platform to channel our city’s dynamic civic energy to purposefully reflect our values as Chicagoans and uplift the stories of our city’s residents, particularly when it comes to the permanent memorialization of our history and shared heritage.”

Not only will they remove historical pieces, they “will create a plan to erect a series of new monuments that equitably acknowledge Chicago’s shared history.”


Well, let’s see, their history as Chicagoans, that would be crime bosses, stuffing ballot boxes, labor union violence, cartels, Obama…such a rich history.

In July, she arranged for the removal of two Columbus statues. Columbus has been around since our founding, but she probably doesn’t care much about history. She claimed at the time that it was to protect them from vandals. That was transparently dishonest.

At least she has her priorities straight [sarcasm]. As criminals rape stores, she’s removing historical statues. One must fear the type of people whose statues will replace Columbus. The woman is a nut.

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