Kamala Harris talks defunding police and sharing the wealth


Kamala Harris was on The View in June and explained why we need to defund police departments all around the country. She is very, very radical but is being portrayed by the media as a ‘moderate,’ a ‘centrist,’ almost run of the mill.

Megan McCain asked her what she thought about the movement around the country to defund the police.

Harris then explained that “a big part of this is reimaging how we do public safety in America.” Instead of adding police, she sees the money going to home ownership, housing, public ownership, capital for small businesses, access to health care,

That is interesting since she has already said she wants whites to pay for homes for blacks as a form of reparations.

Then she said the difference between neighborhoods with crime and middle to upper class neighborhoods is the better schools, health care, people with jobs, and so on.

What she’s talking about here is redistributing the wealth. It would never occur to her that the middle and upper class, many of whom are minorities, worked hard for their success. She’s talking about the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act that will destroy the suburbs.

McCain pressed for a straight answer on defunding the police and got the same somewhat evasive one that did say quite a bit.


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Joe Ortiz
Joe Ortiz
11 months ago

Only STUPIDS [sorry Kamala & her sidekick Alexandria Ocasio] favor ‘defunding police’ & love criminals!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

She trying to hide her Totalitarian tendencies.