Chicago mayor will find your party, arrest you & your little party goers too


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot released a video on Saturday with a stern warning to offenders of her virus fiats.

The Mayor, or shall we say, dictator, proclaims she will NOT ALLOW parties in her city. If you attend a party or give one, you will find yourself arrested and in jail.

We Americans, especially so-called liberals, have allowed mayors, governors, other government politicians right down to the most unimportant petty tyrant, to not only create laws unilaterally and on the spot, but we’ve allowed them to put us in jail for disobeying them. They will do as much as we let them get away with, apparently.

‘Liberal’ used to mean something other than fascism, communism, and socialism. But, now it’s exactly what it means.


In January, Chicago released 1,070 criminal aliens. As of March 30, Cook County Jail released another 400 prisoners after a local court ordered case-by-case bond reassessments of those charged with mostly non-violent crimes, The Chicago Tribune reported. One was a violent sex offender and the mayor blamed the police. Who knows how many were released since. But Lightfoot did have to make room for partygoers. Will she raid peoples’ backyards and homes for the evildoers trying to party? No doubt!

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