Chicago OKs convicted felons to police the city – with access to OEMC


What can possibly go wrong? A group of ex-cons, convicted felons (ECCSC) has now formed a city-sanctioned gang to police the streets. We smell BLM and/or Soros all over this. A scenario you might expect: Cops roll up, we have this under control, you go on your merry way, something goes south, then ECCSC says see we had it all under control until the CPD showed up. Get out of the cities while you can.

There are new police in town, you unfortunates who live in Illinois. The new organization, ECCSC dot org, Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change, is very well-funded and is sanctioned by the city of Chicago. Their goals are the usual Democrat Party Communist drivel and their planned good works are part of the lure.

They promise all kinds of assistance to the community such as safe spaces for kids, tutoring, mentoring, counseling, sex ed, breakfast and lunch programs, manhood training, transportation, diversity training, inclusivity, and they serve as community police for restorative justice. The ex-cons want criminal justice reform which has become another excuse for abolishing the police.

This group, tied to Kim Fox, a Soros plant in the prosecutor’s office, wants to defund the police and seems intent on giving the money to them – ex-cons. We believe that is already happening. That is exactly what the Black Panthers wanted.

If you were around during the Black Panthers, you will recognize the approach and the ultimate goals. They echo the mission of the Marxist Black Lives Matter which is also a replication of the Black Panthers.

ECCSC, a government-sanctioned gang of ex-cons, appears to have access to the OEMC (Office of Emergency Management and Communications), and their resources (see below).

Check the video clip at the end. These racist, rogue cops are causing chaos and interfering with the police.

This is the ECCSC:

They are ex-cons who see themselves as community police but they hate the police. Those who want to defund the police like Kim Fox, see them as reasonable replacements.

Who is funding this? They appear to receive tax-free funds. We would like to wager a guess as to who is/are behind it — Mayor Lightweight, Black Lives Matter, and George Soros.

If you go to their website and listen to clips from their radio show, you will hear everything through a white-hating racist lens. We included one at the very end.

They cause chaos:

Their radio show on ‘Intellectual Radio’, supported by the ‘weed man’ is about grievance, racism, and drugs:

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